Shark Attacks in Mississippi

While Mississippi might not be the first place that comes to mind when considering shark encounters, recent incidents have sparked increased attention. Updated weekly, this page sheds light on shark attacks in Mississippi, providing the latest details for locals and tourists alike. Our coastline offers a beautiful escape for many, but as we embrace the sea’s wonders, it’s essential to be informed about our interactions with its marine inhabitants. Being aware can enhance our ocean experiences and promote safer coastal tourism.Shark Attacks in Mississippi

Recent Shark Attacks in Mississippi

Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
10-27-2022 USA ,MississippiFishingmaleM Minor injuries5'shark
07-03-1995 USA ,MississippiFishingCheryl LowmanF /32Minor laceration to leg from a hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTBlacktip shark
07-11-1963 USA ,MississippiFishing, on charter boat Silver DollarJames Ronald Mason, deckhandM /24Cuts on right hand, PROVOKED INCIDENT1.2 m [4'] shark
07-05-1960 USA ,MississippiPulling raft out to ride to shoreHenry Hanson, Jr.M /17Leg bitten
08-19-1917 USA ,MississippiAlbert MallardM Leg bitten
07-05-1906 USA ,MississippiSwimminga St. Stanislaus College studentM FATALFishermen recovered partial remains from shark a week later
07-10-1886 02h00USA ,MississippiWadingJohn ZarracM /4512-inch laceration to right calf
01-01-1879 USA ,MississippiFloating with life buoy after pilot launch capsizedGus EricssonM FATALTiger shark


Yes, certain sounds or vibrations can indeed attract sharks in Mississippi. Specifically, low-frequency vibrations that mimic the movement of injured prey are known to pique the interest of sharks, drawing them closer to the source of the sound. This attribute is part of their predatory behavior and applies to sharks in Mississippi’s waters.


Blood or injury can indeed attract sharks in Mississippi. Sharks, including those in Mississippi waters, have an extraordinary sense of smell and can detect even tiny amounts of blood from miles away, leading them to the source, often an injured animal or person. This is part of their natural predatory behavior to find and secure food.


Signs of shark activity in Mississippi waters could include the presence of bait fish, noticeable disturbances on the water surface, or spotting of marine birds diving for fish. It’s crucial for everyone in Mississippi to stay alert for these indicators while enjoying water activities to ensure their safety.

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