Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
07-31-2023 09h30USA ,FloridaSurfingBrandon BoncoreM /22Ankle injured
07-30-2023 15h30USA ,FloridaSpearfishingmaleM /22Lower leg bitten
07-29-2023 20h00USA ,FloridaSwimmingNatalie BrandaF /26Superficial injuries to abomen and thighs
07-15-2023 14h00USA ,FloridaSittingmaleM /49Superficial injury to back
07-14-2023 15h00USA ,FloridaSurfingChris PospisilM /21Severe injury to foot
06-23-2023 USA ,FloridaSwimmingMagnolia WoodheadF Multiple puncture wounds to right thigh
06-23-2023 10h10USA ,FloridaFishingNickM Hand bitten
05-19-2023 20h00USA ,FloridaFishingmaleM /35PROVOKED INCIDENT Hooked shark bit his foot
05-18-2023 15h00USA ,FloridaSpearfishingKevin BlancoM /20
05-11-2023 AfternoonUSA ,FloridaSittingElla ReedF /13Multiple bitesBull shark, 4'
05-05-2023 11h30USA ,FloridaSpearfishingEthan WilderM /22Injury to lower leg
04-23-2023 USA ,FloridaSpearfishingMike StoweM Minor injury to lower right legBull shark, 6'
04-11-2023 15h00USA ,FloridaWindsurfingmaleM /50Lacerations to leg
04-09-2023 07h00USA ,FloridaKayak fishingAlex DubertiM No injury, kayak damaged
03-25-2023 14h00USA ,FloridaKite-SurfingKevin Carlton ScottM /67Lacertions to right calf
02-19-2023 17h30USA ,FloridaSurfingBert KrebsM /60Injury to lower leg
01-01-2023 14h50USA ,FloridaSpearishingChad PettiM /30Knocked spear out of his hands and fin bittenMako shark
11-27-2022 AfternoonUSA ,FloridaSwimmingJasmine CarneyF /10Foot bitten
11-03-2022 15h30USA ,FloridaFishingmaleM /29Right knee & thigh bitten by hooked shark
10-10-2022 USA ,FloridaFishingMalec MataM /15Minor injury to leg by hooked sharkJuvenile nurse shark
09-22-2022 USA ,FloridaSpearfishingZack WinegardnerM /26Severe injuries to right armBu.ll
08-13-2022 16h00USA ,FloridaSnorkelingJameson Reeder Jr,M /10Lower left leg severely bitten, necessitating surgical amputationBull shark, 9'
07-27-2022 USA ,FloridaLobsteringFischer HrickoM /13Injury to upper lipNurse shark
07-25-2022 15h00USA ,FloridaWadingBryan OliveresM /33Minor bite to left footBlacktip shark?
07-19-2022 10jh45USA ,Florida minor injuriesShark involvement not confirmed
07-17-2022 17h30USA ,FloridaFishingBrett ReederM Fingrt bitten while releasing hooked shark PROVOKED INCUDEBTLemon shark 6'
07-16-2022 13h12USA ,FloridaTasa SummersF /40Minor lacerations to left calfA small shark
07-10-2022 USA ,FloridaSurfingmaleM /30Minor injury to foot6' shark
07-03-2022 11h43USA ,FloridaSurfingPat ClarkM /28Foot bitten
06-30-2022 15h00USA ,FloridaScallopingAddison BetheaF /17Severe bites to leg9' shark
06-29-2022 AfternoonUSA ,FloridaJumped into watermaleM Laceration to leg
06-29-2022 20h00USA ,FloridaSwimmingLindsay Rebecca BrunsF /35Laceration to leg
06-23-2022 USA ,FloridafemaleF Leg bitten
04-17-2022 16h00USA ,FloridamaleM /56Laceration to lower leg
04-11-2022 16h00USA ,FloridaStandingmaleM Bite near big toe4' shark
04-07-2022 10h00USA ,FloridaKayakingShawn Veguilla, occupantM No injury to occupants. Kayak bitten
03-31-2022 MorningUSA ,FloridaFishingmaleM /50Knee bitten PROVOKED INCIDENT
03-13-2022 15h00USA ,FloridaSurfingmaleM /20Bite to right foot
03-09-2022 15h30USA ,FloridaFishingmaleM /21M inor injuries to knee and calf of left leg PROVOKED INCIDENTBlacktip shark, 5' to 6'
02-11-2022 17h30USA ,FloridaSurfingGene Menchara-LopezM /18Puncture wounds to foot
01-06-2022 14h45USA ,FloridaWing Foil SurfingErika LaneF /42Punctures to legBlacktip or spinner shark
12-22-2021 USA ,FloridaWing Foil SurfingErika LaneF /42Punctures to legBlacktip or spinner shark
10-04-2021 USA ,FloridaSurfingTruman Van PatrickM /25`Left foot bitten
10-03-2021 12h00USA ,FloridaSwimmingmaleM Injury to lower left leg
09-09-2021 13h20USA ,FloridaSurfingDoyle NeilsenM Minor injury to right arm
08-21-2021 06h40USA ,FloridaSurfingJeremy CarrM /41Left ankle and foot bittenBull shark
08-07-2021 10h00USA ,FloridaSurfingmaleM /35Minor cuts to right foot and ankle
08-07-2021 07h51USA ,FloridaSnorkelingLucas CruzM /15Lacerations to legs
07-30-2021 11h00USA ,FloridaFishingmaleM /47Hands bitten while attempting to unhook shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
07-21-2021 12h23USA ,FloridaKatie WoodF /35Small laceration to ankle, shark involvement not confirmed
07-15-2021 16h30USA ,FloridaBoogie boardingmaleM /11Leg bitten
07-10-2021 16h39USA ,FloridaPlayingAmiya Lobb-SmithF /9Right foot bittenSpinner shark, 4'?
07-10-2021 USA ,FloridaSpearfishingTimothy ObiM /36Shark involvement prior to death not confirmed
07-04-2021 16h00USA ,FloridaStandingmaleM /8Puncture wound to calf2' to 3' shark
06-28-2021 USA ,FloridaSurfingGretta LowreyF Lacerations to thigh and calf
06-18-2021 15h57USA ,FloridaStandingmaleM /12Left arm bitten
06-17-2021 14h30USA ,FloridaSwimmingmaleM /14superficial injuries:7' to 8' shark
06-14-2021 USA ,FloridaStandingJai VillamilisM /12Right calf bitten
06-14-2021 USA ,FloridaStandingmaleM /71Minor injury to right foot
05-06-2021 11h30USA ,FloridaWadingfemaleF /21Nick on foot
04-30-2021 09h00USA ,FloridaSurfingAdrienne WiskoF /64Foot bitten
04-29-2021 10j30USA ,FloridaBoggie boardingmaleM /54Right leg bitten
04-02-2021 USA ,FloridaSwimmingmaleM /361-inch cut to leg
03-30-2021 13h00USA ,FloridamaleM Cuts to both feet
03-25-2021 USA ,FloridaSwimmingJ.J. SousaM /7Lacerations to right hand
03-25-2021 11h45USA ,FloridafemaleF /16Injuries to hands, arm and knees3' to 5' shark
03-21-2021 14h00USA ,FloridaBody surfingJay WeiskopfM /9Left shoulder bitten
03-18-2021 AfternoonUSA ,FloridaWadingBryce AlbertM /20Left forearm bittenBlacktip shark, 6'
01-22-2021 USA ,FloridaFishing No injury to occupantsWhite shark
01-03-2021 10h30USA ,FloridaSurfingTucker ShrogrenM /19No injury, board damaged