Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
08-16-2023 AfternoonSPAIN ,ValenciaWadingmaleM Minor lacerations to right footBlue shark
05-26-2020 SPAIN ,Canary IslandsPlayingmaleM /9Lacerations to both feetAngel shark
09-16-2017 SPAIN ,Canary IslandsBody surfingmaleM /13Lacerations to right footPorbeagle, 1.5 m
08-26-2017 MiddaySPAIN ,CastellónSwimmingfemaleF /11Lacerations to left footShark involvement questionable
07-23-2017 AfternoonSPAIN ,MajorcaSwimmingfemaleF Abrasion to arm from shark's rough skinBlue shark 6'
06-17-2017 12h00SPAIN ,Ibiza IslandSwimmingmaleM /822-inch laceration to hand
07-29-2016 11h30SPAIN ,Alicante ProvinceSwimmingmaleM /40Lacerations to right handBlue shark
07-08-2016 SPAIN ,Canary IslandsWadingfemaleF /105 tiny puncture marks to lower leg, treated with hydrogen peroxideAngel shark
12-25-2015 SPAIN ,Grand Canary IslandSwimmingCristina Ojeda-ThiesF /38Lacerations to left forearmSilky shark, 6.5'
08-18-2015 11h00SPAIN ,AlicanteSwimmingmaleM /10Minor injury when he attempted to touch a fish.Shark involvement not confirmed
12-03-2014 07h00SPAIN ,GranadaFishing for blue sharksmaleM Glancing bite to wrist from netted shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
09-01-2014 SPAIN ,CataloniaPlaying with an air mattressmaleM /16Lacerations to right hand
08-27-2014 SPAIN ,AlicanteSwimmingRaquel MartinF /30Minor lacerations to posterior lower legsmall shark
07-20-2014 SPAIN ,Canary IslandsWadingchild Minor injuryAngel shark
07-07-2013 SPAIN ,CataloniaSwimmingThierry FrennetM /48Scrape to right forearm. Frennet says inflicted by a blue shark, but authorities question shark involvementShark involvement not confirmed
07-16-2010 19h15SPAIN ,Grand Canary IslandSwimmingmaleM /9Lacerations to left foot when he stepped on the shark PROVOKED INCIDENTAngel shark
07-24-2009 10h15SPAIN ,CatalunyaSwimmingF /11Laceration to left footShark involvement questionable
07-13-2006 SPAIN ,AlicanteSwimmingfemaleF /7Hand & wrist severely bittenShark involvement not confirmed, injury may have been caused by a bluefish
09-03-1993 08h00SPAIN ,Costa BlancaSwimmingJorge Durich Heredia (or Hernandez)M /69Thigh bitten, toes of left foot severed1.2 m [4'] shark
04-01-1986 SPAIN ,CataloniaDivingM Abrasions2 m shark
03-18-1986 10h55SPAIN ,CádizWindsurfingJ. L Pérez-DíazM Foot severed3.5 m white shark
07-26-1980 SPAIN ,Canary IslandsSkin divingFuentes Gonzalez EscualoM Thigh injuredBlue shark
01-01-1962 SPAIN ,CataloniaDangling feet in the waterfemaleF Feet severed
08-16-1930 SPAIN ,Canary IslandsSwimmingCecil BethencourtM /38Leg bitten
10-02-1929 SPAIN ,ValenciaFishingVicente BonetM Arm injured when sharks rammed his boat
07-03-1926 SPAIN ,Sants-MontjicBathingSebastian Llopis PugesM No injuryQuestionable, 2m shark suspected
09-04-1925 SPAIN ,ValenciaFishingPascual GurranM Right hand bitten by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
03-24-1924 SPAIN ,GalicaFishingBoat owned by Ricardo Laneiro No injury to occupants, shark bit boat3.5 m shark
07-08-1916 SPAIN ,Gran CanariaDivingmaleM Survived
01-01-1912 SPAIN ,BalearicsFell into the waterthe governor of CabreraM FATALWhite shark
07-31-1911 SPAIN ,MálagaBathinga soldierM FATAL
04-27-1909 SPAIN ,AndaluciaFishingmaleM Shark knocked him down after he grabbed it by the tail. No injury. PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-28-1908 SPAIN ,GaliciaFell overboard from P&O steamship ArabiaWilliam NewburyM FATAL
07-18-1908 SPAIN ,Canary Islands Human remains recovered but shark involvement prior to death unconfirmedQuestionable
09-22-1879 SPAIN ,ValenciaFishing No injuries to occupants, Hooked shark bit boat PROVOKED INCIDENT2.5 m shark
07-25-1864 EveningSPAIN ,Eastern CatalonaBathingmaleM FATAL
08-15-1862 SPAIN BathingThe widowed Marchioness of LendinezF Survived
08-02-1862 SPAIN ,MalagamaleM Possible drowning and scavengingShark involvement prior to death unconfirmed
07-25-1862 SPAIN ,MalagaSwimmingJoaquin Rosales MartinezM /18FATAL
07-14-1862 SPAIN ,CádizmaleM /18FATAL16' shark
07-13-1862 18h30SPAIN ,CádizSwimming alongside the SS KearsargeTibbettsM FATAL16' shark
01-01-1836 SPAIN Shark caught, contained human remainsShark involvement prior to death unconfirmed
07-08-1819 SPAIN maleM No injury / No attackInvalid
01-01-1764 SPAIN SwimmingmaleM FATAL
SPAIN ,Canary IslandsSpearfishingM Minor injuryBlue shark
SPAIN ,Canary IslandsSkin diving Injury required 16 stitches