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Michael Rogers

Whale Shark

The Whale Shark is the largest fish in the entire Ocean! The “Whale” part in its name describes his length which is comparable to Whales.

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Bronze Whaler Shark

  The Bronze Whaler Shark is known as Carcharhinus brachyurus in the scientific community. It is also known as the Narrowtooth, Bronze Whaler or the

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Pigeye Shark

The pigeye shark, or Java shark as it is sometimes referred to as, is a rare species of requiem shark. It is very similar in

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Sicklefin Lemon Shark

Sicklefin lemon sharks are stout-bodies sharks found in the Indo-Pacific tropical oceanic waters. Also called the sharptooth lemon shark, the broadfin shark, Indian lemon shark,

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Kitefin Shark

The kitefin shark, or seal shark, is the largest shark species that produces its own light and is the largest vertebrate capable of bioluminescence. It

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