10 Everyday Objects That Are More Dangerous Than Sharks

10 Everyday Objects That Are More Dangerous Than Sharks
Despite sensational news headlines and the dozens of overdramatic horror films, shark attacks are incredibly uncommon and rarely ever fatal. In fact only about 4 people die per year in the entire world from shark attacks. So really, our fears of sharks are wildly overblown. In reality, there are tons of everyday items that are more deadly to humans than any of the sharks of the world. Here’s a list of ten items that present more of a threat to people than sharks:

A Pen

Pen More Dangerous Than Sharks

For as many rows of teeth sharks have, you’d think they’d big chewers. However it’s people that are often found chewing on everyday objects. One item in particular, pen caps, are a favorite. However, chewing on pen caps causes 100 deaths per year. That’s because a lot of times, people will accidentally inhale the pen cap, which mangled from chewing, gets easily caught in the throat, leading to suffocation and death. That’s 25 times more deaths from pens than from shark attacks.

Plastic Grocery Bags

Plastic Bags More Dangerous Than Sharks

We all know the dangers of plastic bags to marine life, but did you know they are also a huge threat to people? In fact, 25 children die per year in the US alone of suffocation caused by a plastic grocery bag. So it turns out humans and the sharks of the world have a common deadly enemy: The seemingly innocuous plastic bag. So the next time you are at the grocery store, maybe skip this hazard and opt for a reusable bag. You and sharks will be safer.

Neck Ties

Neck Tie More Dangerous Than Sharks

We all enjoy looking nice for work, but this important part of your business attire can be deadly. In fact, neckties account for a shocking 10 deaths annually. That is twice as many fatalities as sharks cause. So the next time you start to irrationally fear a shark attack, you might want to remember that stylish sharkskin tie hanging in your closet is more of a threat to your life than any shark.


Scarf More Dangerous Than Sharks

Neckties aren’t the only danger found in our wardrobes, scarves can also be a bigger threat to people than sharks. Every year 35 people are strangled to death by their own scarves. So the next time you are panicking about getting caught in the jaws of a shark, just remember you already have a more dangerous inanimate predator hanging around your neck.

Champagne Corks

Campaign Corks More Dangerous Than Sharks

It’s a New Year’s Eve tradition and our favorite way to celebrate good news, however popping champagne bottles can be incredibly deadly. A shocking 24 people die per year from champagne corks. So the next time you’re ready to celebrate, think about ordering a shark bite cocktail instead, because just like a real shark bite, it’s less deadly than drinking champagne.


TV More Dangerous Than Sharks

So you’re settled into watching Shark Week or Jaws, scaring yourself with thoughts of shark attacks. However, while you are freaking yourself out, just remember your television is way more deadly than any of the sharks you are watching on the screen. Televisions account for around 30 deaths annually, that is nearly eight times as many deaths as sharks.


Candles More Dangerous Than Sharks

Everyone loves to burn candles around the home. They make your house smell wonderful and can set a cozy mood. However, these common items are much more dangerous to people than sharks. They are responsible for 100,000 fires leading to 120 deaths every year. So the next time you get fired up about shark attacks, just remember candles cause 30 times as many deaths.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals More Dangerous Than Sharks

While everyone is worried about the threat posed by real sharks, it’s stuffed sharks that are actually a bigger threat. Every year there are 22 deaths a year associated with stuffed animals. These cute toys can create both tripping and choking hazards. These fake animals cause nearly five times as many deaths as real sharks. So the next time you think you are safer cuddling a stuffed animal than swimming in the ocean, just remember what the real threat is to your life.

Your Bed

Bed More Dangerous Than Sharks

Sharks may bring many people nightmares, but really it is your bed that is the bigger threat to your life. According to the Center For Disease Control, falling out of bed can be deadly. In fact 450 die every year from falling out of bed, that is more than hundred times as many people die from shark attacks. Furthermore, falling out of bed leads to 1.8 million emergency room visits, and 400,000 hospital admissions every year. So your bed is much more dangerous to you than any shark.

Your Bathtub

Bathtub More Dangerous Than Sharks

A soothing soak in shark free waters seems like the perfect relaxing escape. However, you are safer in shark infested waters than you are in your own bathtub. Every year 78 Americans die in their bathtubs from drowning. So the next time you are feeling nervous about going into the ocean and meeting a shark, just remember you’re safer in these waters than in your own bathtub.

For the most part sharks are docile and will avoid humans, so the threat sharks pose to people is really over exaggerated. Shark attacks account for only around four deaths every year, less than many everyday objects items. So the next time you go swimming in the ocean and start thinking about these hyped up fears, just remember you are less likely to be attacked by a shark than you are to die from these ten ordinary objects.

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