When is Shark Week 2022: How and Where to Watch It?

Summer is not complete without Shark Week! If you are a shark enthusiast, then you must be waiting for the Shark week to start. Well, you don’t have to wait too long! The Shark week is just around the corner. Grab your popcorn and get ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of sharks.

shark week 2022

What is Shark Week?

Shark week is an annual weekly programming all about sharks aired by Discovery channel. Millions of people tune in from all over the world to watch sharks in all their glory. If you’re wondering when did Shark Week start? It has been airing for 34 years since 1988 and enjoys great popularity. The programming features various different shows which we will get into more detail later.

Shark Week Frequently Asked Question


The Shark Week will begin on Sunday, July 24th and end on 31st July only on Discovery channel. The show will be hosted by none other than Dwayne ‘’The Rock’’ Johnson. You can watch sharks non-stop for the whole week. There are many amazing breath-taking programs lined up for shark lovers.


You can watch Shark Week on Discovery channel and Discovery+. If you like to stream online, then check out fuboTV which offers a free trail to new customers.


The Shark Week officially starts on July 24, 2022. Mark it on the calendar and get ready to watch amazing new shark-based programs with various celebrities.


The Shark week will end on 31st of July, 2022. It will consist of many new programs hosted by a bunch of celebrities including Dwayne Johnson.


The Shark week will commence on 07:00 PM ET/PT on July 24th, Sunday. You must be excited to explore the world of different types of sharks all week long.


You can watch all the episodes of Shark Week on Discovery and their streaming service, Discovery+. If you want to watch it online, then you can do so at fuboTV. Also, don’t forget to follow Discovery on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for shark based fact and Information.


One of the world’s biggest stars Dwayne Johnson is the first MC of Shark Week. He will perform his duties as Master of Ceremonies on the first five nights. He will also deliver a message about sharks and their significance. Joining The Rock will be Impractical Jokers, Tracy Morgan, and members of Jackass. There is also a Shark Week podcast hosted by noted marine biologist and documentary producer Luke Tipple in the programming.

Shark Week Programming Lineup 2022

Let’s take a look at the scheduled programming for the Shark Week which we are really looking forward to:

Sunday, 24 July

Return to Headstone Hell
Premiering at 7:00 PM ET/PT, Dr. Riley Elliot and Kina Scollay visit Norfolk Island to observe the clash of the Tiger Sharks and Great White Sharks over cow carcasses.

Great White BattleGround
Michelle Jewel is adamant on finding the secret of the aerial attacks of Great White Sharks of South Africa.

Jackass Shark Week 2.0
Jackass crew is back to finish what they started last year. Johnny Knoxville tries to get his friend Poopies overcome his fears of sharks.

Monday, July 25

Stranger Sharks
If you love Netflix’s Stranger things, then you must be excited to see this program. Noah Schnapp and Mark Rober of the famous TV show tries to find the strangest shark in the undersea ruins of the ocean.

Great White Serial Kill: Fatal Christmas
When a surfer dies in California on Christmas evening, the suspect is none other than a great white shark. Two shark attack experts will investigate the suspected killer shark with the help of forensic evidence and witnesses.

Rise of the Monster Hammerheads
Dr. Tristan and Andy Casagrande is on a quest to determine whether two huge hammerheads in different locations share the same DNA?

Mega Predators of Oz
In this chilling adventure, shark experts in Australia will try to prove via evidence, DNA and underwater ultrasound, that the great white shark is the ultimate predator.

Tuesday, July 26

Impractical Jokers Shark Week Spectacular
The team of Impractical Joker are determined to prove once and for all that sharks are not man-eaters. How? Well, of course, with embarrassing and horrifying challenges.

Jaws vs Kraken
If you ever wanted to see a battle between giant squids and great white sharks, then this is your chance. Join Dr. Tristan Guttridge in his mission to have a look at the battles between the two sea monsters at Guadalupe Island.

Pigs vs Shark
Do Sharks eat pigs? Well, this program intends to answer this question by taking us to the Bahamas where local white sharks may or may not have developed a taste for pork.

Raging Bulls
Bull Sharks are considered to be one of the most dangerous sharks of Australia. A team of experts will investigate why these sharks are becoming more and more aggressive towards humans.

Wednesday, July 27

Island of Walking Sharks
Are sharks capable of walking? Well, notable biologist Forrest Galante believes so! Tune in to find out if the sharks of Papua New Guinea are evolving to walk in this exciting program.

Mechashark Love Down Under
In this never-been-before adventure, Shark experts come up with a Mechanical shark to locate the Great White Shark mating ground in New Zealand.

Great White Comeback
Join the epic investigation of the disappearance of a whole population of great white sharks overnight in South Africa. Alison Towner and her crew will be searching for answers in this exciting program.

Thursday, July 28

Tracy Morgan Presents: Sharks! with Tracy Morgan
Famous comedian Tracy Morgan is heading out to find the most craziest and dangerous sharks with a shark-expert team. He will also show his favorite shark in the show.

Monster Mako under the Rig
At the Gulf of Mexico, a mysterious group of maverick mako sharks are discovered. A team will find out what makes them different from other mako sharks?

Tiger Queen
This show will try to solve the mystery of the absence of male tiger sharks in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Kinga Phillipps and D. Austin Gallagher will take on this mystery in this amazing program.

Friday, July 29

Jaws vs The Blob
At Guadalupe Island, a new sea monster named The Blob appears which seemingly sends great white sharks to hunt for 20-foot adult sharks. An expert team dives to find out if the young sharks survive or end up as food themselves.

The Great Hammerhead Stakeout
Two scientists bravely attempt to investigate the reports of giant hammerhead sharks in the Andros Island. They will dive over 10 hours using only underwater gear.

Saturday, July 30

Monster of the Cape
Join Craig O’Connell and Mark Rackley in their quest to keep the waters of Cape Cod safe for both public and sharks before any tragedy unfolds.

Sharks in Paradise
Tristan Guttridge and Kinga Phillips travel to Tahiti to uncover whether local myths and legends about big sharks are true.

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