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What Floats Your Boat

Are you amazed by mysteries, or the unknown? Are you fascinated with the magnificence of the shark species? Strange, unique, and weird facts seem to peak one’s interest, and there are many facts about sharks that are capable of peaking that interest. Tantalizing facts entertain, amaze, and are more memorable than dull boring facts, so I will attempt to keep you entertained. So, without further ado, lets find out, what floats your boat?

Bones, What Bones

Many members of society believe that a shark’s skeletal structure contains more bones than that of a human skeleton. Sharks do have a skeleton, but it is made from cartilage. Basically, their entire skeleton is made from the type of stuff that your ears are made from. Cartilage is lighter than bone, and since sharks do not have a swim bladder, this eases the energy usage needed for movement.

The cartilage skeletal structure allows a bend, but do not break mentality. As any human knows, if you fall the wrong way, your bones are capable of snapping, shattering, and splintering in ways that are excruciatingly painful. The sharks skeletal structure allows for more flexibility, which is needed a shark’s survival. Their mouths need to open exceedingly widely, jaws need to be extended, and the shark’s body needs to be able to turn on a dime in the water.

The human skeleton contains 206 bones by adulthood, after certain bones fuse together over time. A shark skeleton is made entirely from cartilage, therefore, a shark skeleton does not contain more bones than a human skeleton. So, next time someone says, “That sharks body must be strong because of all of those bones”, or something of the sort, feel free to correct them.

Maybe Just A Little Bite

Many people believe that all shark bites are fatal, or life threatening. The Cookiecutter Shark, also known as Isistius Brasiliensis, is unique due to the way in which it eats. This shark survives by taking smaller, non-fatal bites out of much bigger prey. They will often take cookie sized bites out of dolphins, and even other sharks. Rather than kill the source, the cookie cutter can feed from the same source on multiple occasions, providing the cookiecutter does not become prey itself.

When I think of a shark, I picture a giant, snarling mouth staring at me. It instills fear, and excitement at the same time, but I was not aware of this magnificent shark. The Cookiecutter Shark does not produce the same effects. These sharks very much resemble the typical dogfish. They are usually greyish-brown in color, and they do not possess the same stereotypical shark look, that Hollywood has given to all sharks.

All Sharks Are Cold Blooded

How can anything live in the ocean that is not cold blooded? Most people assume that all sharks are cold blooded, but that is not true. A small group of sharks, known as Laminids, are partially warm blooded. This group is capable of producing their own heat. This is amazing because even in the cold depths of the ocean, these fish are capable of producing heat. So, despite popular belief, not all sharks are cold blooded.

Some of the species included in the Laminids may be more popular than one would believe. Perhaps the most popular of the group is the great white shark, but a diverse group of marine life are included in this group. Swordfish and some thresher shark species can be included in this category. This is truly a unique, amazing, and interesting fact because it almost seems unreal to believe that in a freezing cold ocean, this group is capable of raising their body temperature.

Do Not Call Me Thick

The word thick can make human women, and men, cringe at the mere sound, but a little thickness is a good thing for female sharks. Female sharks have a much thicker skin than that of their counterparts. During breeding, the male shark feels the need to bite the female shark, which one can only imagine being excruciatingly painful. This extra thickness can help to protect against the vice-like grip of the male sharks jaws.

Mating is one aspect of a shark’s life that is rarely observed, but it has been reported that males, in more than one species, nip at females during mating. “Love nips”, are how these bites are commonly referred to. Perhaps it merely equals out to that of a kiss on the cheek for humans, but regardless, it still sounds somewhat painful. However, if that is what floats your boat, then this fact about sharks is for you.

Strange And Unique Go Hand In Hand

“Curiosity is what killed the cat”, is an old saying that I remember from my childhood. As humans, we will always be curious, and we will continue to explore. Strange and unique facts will come and go, but perhaps these facts about sharks will stay present in your mind. Things that are creepy, strange, and unique will always peak our interest. Observing sharks in their natural habitat will continue to uncover new and interesting facts.

Some may call a uniqueness ugly, or a fault a weakness, but some people feel the exact opposite. Sharks are beautiful, strong, and unique. The sheer power that they possess is amazing, and they are capable of peaking interest in those that are not avid enthusiast. The more we learn, the greater we become.

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