Slender Bamboo Shark

The slender bamboo shark is a species of bamboo shark living in the Indo-west Pacific.

Slender Bamboo Shark Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Orectolobiformes
Family Hemiscylliidae
Genus Chiloscyllium
Scientific Name C. indicum


On average, male slender bamboo sharks are 1.3-1.4 feet long, while females are 1.4 feet. Its body is slender, ending in an elongated precaudal tail.

Dorsally this shark is brown with dark spots and dashes all over its back, while ventrally, it is paler.

Where do they live

Map Of The Slender Bamboo Shark’s Habitat

Slender Bamboo Shark Habitat Map

This shark’s range is in the Indo-west Pacific, encompassing Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan.

They are demersal tropical but also live in brackish, freshwater, and marine, with a depth range from 0 to 295 feet.



Slender bamboo sharks live on a diet of benthic organisms and small fishes.


These sharks are oviparous, laying eggs in oval cases. The hatchlings are 5.1 inches long.

Interactions with humans

The IUCN classifies the slender bamboo shark as “Vulnerable” or “VU” due to the high fishing pressure in its range.

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