Sharks Of The World Have Added Some Strange Items To Their Diet

Garbage Cans Of The Sea

Tiger Sharks, also commonly referred to as “garbage cans of the sea”, are aggressive predators. This aggressive nature, along with their enormous appetites, often adds surprising items to their diets. If anything else gets in the way when tiger sharks are attempting to feed, it is not uncommon for that item to be eaten as well.

Tiger Sharks may be notorious for eating junk, other sharks of the world have also been found with strange contents in their stomachs. Some other notable species that have eaten sketchy items include Great White Sharks, Blue Sharks, and even Greenland Sharks. Perhaps sharks should take some advice from human parents, “Take your time, and chew your food”. However, if they followed this advice, they would starve due to the amount of prey that would get away.

Strange Items Found In Sharks Of The World

1. Tires

Tires have been found in the stomach contents of a variety of different sharks. It is likely that the sharks have mistaken these tires for sea life and eaten them. This stems directly from human neglect. Attempted, and failed, conservation projects, as well as unlawful dumping have contributed to the pollution within our oceans. Conservation can help eliminate this threat to sharks, and make the oceans cleaner for ourselves.

2. Polar Bear

Sharks are fierce predators, but can you imagine the power, and strength that was involved in taking down a polar bear? The remains of a polar bear were found in a Greenland Shark. Experts insist that the bear must have been injured, or ill, because a polar bear at full strength would not succumb to such a fate. Seals have become a favorite meal of Greenland Sharks, which results in them feeding closer to shore. This is how experts believe this phenomenon came to be.

3. Suit of Armor

A Great White Shark was once discovered with a full size suit of armor among its stomach contents. This occurrence happened in the 16th century, and it has never been completely confirmed. However, the report came from Guillaume Rondelet, a French naturalist, that was held in high regard within the science community. It is believed that the shark ate the suit believing that it was a seal.

4. Wine Bottles

The year was 1942, when French fishermen discovered wine bottles inside of a Blue Shark’s stomach. The bottle was not destroyed, and the wine was still intact. It is uncertain how the shark came to eat the wine bottle, and how the acid had not destroyed the bottle. The best educated guess is that the bottle was not inside the stomach for a long enough amount of time.

5. Musical Instrument

Guitars, harmonicas, and even drums have turned up within the stomach contents of sharks of the world. One such instance involved a Tiger Shark, off the coast of Senegal. The Tiger Shark had apparently swallowed a set of tom tom drums, which are covered with animal skin.

6. License Plates

This unfortunate item is found within the stomach contents of Tiger Sharks far too often. It is believed that the metal reflects light, which tricks the sharks into believing that the item is prey. This is another example of why Tiger Sharks are commonly referred to as “garbage cans of the sea”. Florida, New York, and even Kansas license plates are notable sources that have been found.

7. Porcupine

The type of shark that ate this meal is unknown, however, one can only imagine that the first bite was a bit of a surprise. A porcupine has the capability of shooting quills for protection. The shark probably felt as if the little creature had bitten it back. It is not imaginable that they are used to that sort of thing happening.

8. A Chicken Coop and Chickens

It is not hard to believe that the stomach contents from any shark could contain a chicken. If the shark is in the right place, at the right time, anything is possible. This just happened to be the case with a Tiger Shark off the coast of Florida. It is unknown how the coop found its way to the shark, but it is known that the shark ate it.

Sharks Of The World Deserve Better

Discovering strange and unusual items that sharks have eaten can be fun, until you start to think about how all of that pollution got there in the first place. The animals are understandable, since animals are prey, but the litter in our oceans is unacceptable. Humans are by far, the biggest threat to all shark species.

You do not have to go out and break the bank in an attempt to right all of humanities wrongs. There are simple, cheap, and effective things that can be done to help conservation efforts. Perhaps one of the easiest items that can be done is recycling. Many society members already attempt this task, and some even make a little cash out of it. This can help reduce the amount of trash, which reduces the chances of that trash making it into the ocean.

Individuals can also write letters to legislators. This only takes a little bit of time, and costs very little, however, it can make a huge difference. Let your concerns be known, and know that you are making a difference. Another way to help conservation efforts is by researching products to make sure they do not contain any shark products. Sharks of the world deserve better oceans to swim in, and together we can make a difference.

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