Sharks in New Hampshire

New Hampshire doesn’t have a long coastline, extending to not more than 18 miles, which is why the surrounding waters aren’t home to many sharks. Of the ones found along the NH coast, some, like the basking sharks, are big, reaching heights over 30 feet. The spiny dogfish is in the list of smaller sharks with a height of 4 feet. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire’s largest water body, has several; shark species like the sandbar shark, tiger shark, and basking shark.

List of the Different Types of Sharks in New Hampshire

Species Maximum Size Aggressiveness
Blue Shark 6-11 feet Not aggressive
Thresher Shark 10-18 feet Not aggressive
Spiny Dogfish 2.5-3.5 feet Not aggressive (due to their small size)
Porbeagle Shark 6-12 feet Not aggressive
Shortfin Mako Shark 6.5-9.5 feet Highly aggressive
Longfin Mako Shark 12-14 feet Highly aggressive
Great White Shark 11-16 feet Highly aggressive
Basking Shark 23-30 feet Not aggressive
Sand Tiger Shark 7-10 feet Not aggressive (due to their small mouths)
Sandbar Shark 5.5-8.5 feet Not aggressive



There have been no documented shark attacks in New Hampshire to date.


Great whites aren’t common in New Hampshire. However, one of them was tagged by the OCEARCH in 2021. Tuck, a 3-year-old great white measuring 8 feet, was tagged along Hampton and Seabrook. He was noted to travel northwards for summer and fall to search for seals.

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