Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
09-24-2010 16h30USA ,VirginiaSurfingCaleb KauchakM /18Bite to left ankle and knee
05-24-2007 MorningUSA ,VirginiaReviving a sedated sharkBeth FirchauF /40Left shin bitten by captive shark PROVOKED INCIDENTA 10-year-old 94-pound pregnant blacktip reef shark
09-01-2001 18h00USA ,VirginiaSwimmingDavid PeltierM /10FATAL, thigh bittenbull shark
01-01-1999 USA ,VirginiaBody surfingmaleM AbrasionsShark involvement not confirmed
08-23-1998 USA ,VirginiaSpearfishingmaleM Lacerations to left handDusky shark, 12'
01-01-1998 USA ,VirginiaSpearfishing on scuba & transferring fish onto a stringermaleM Shark grasped diver's gloved hand. Glove was soaked with fish blood & slimesandtiger shark
07-01-1991 USA ,VirginiaBoogie boardingMichael HootmanM /13Severe laceration to footShark involvement not confirmed
01-01-1989 USA ,VirginiaSpearfishing using scuba & trailing a string of bleeding fishmaleM No injury, shark grabbed his fish and chased him to the boat
08-15-1983 MorningUSA ,VirginiaSwimmingJill RedenbaughF /14Foot bittenSand shark
08-16-1973 USA ,VirginiaCrabbing (spearing crabs)Chris DeFordM /17Elbow bitten1.5 m to 1.8 m [5' to 6'] blacktip shark
07-03-1960 12h00USA ,VirginiaFishing, tossing netted shark onboardElsworth SmithM /41Right arm bitten PROVOKED INCIDENTsand shark
01-01-1956 USA ,VirginiaRemoving shark from netJosh VaughanM Punctures on shin & calf PROVOKED INCIDENT40-lb sand shark
01-01-1956 USA ,VirginiaSwimminggirlF /14No details
10-07-1954 USA ,VirginiaAmerican freighter Mormackite, bound from Buenos Aires for Baltimore, capsized & sank in heavy seassecond cookM Rescue aircraft saw bodies in the water being bitten by sharks. One survivor saw a shark take off a man’s leg & another reported that the second cook was killed by a shark
05-03-1939 USA ,VirginiaWashed off freighter Huncliff by a freak waveJohn HeaganM FATAL, attacked by shark, body not recovered
11-12-1928 USA ,VirginiaSea Disaster, sinking of the SS VestrisEarl DeVoreM FATAL
09-12-1894 USA ,VirginiaBathingMichael DalyM Lacerations to leg
06-11-1891 USA ,VirginiaFishing for sharks when he became entangled in net & fell overboardJohn HowardM Fatal, but death may have been due to drowningShark involvement prior to death unconfirmed
08-01-1852 USA ,VirginiaSwimminga deserter from the U.S. PennsylvaniaM FATAL