Shark Attacks in Oregon

Oregon’s picturesque coastline attracts countless visitors every year. However, the mingling of humans and the sea’s majestic creatures sometimes has its challenges. Recent instances of shark attacks have raised concerns, affecting both the local community and the tourism sector. Stay updated with us, as we provide weekly details on shark attacks in Oregon to ensure you’re informed and safe during your coastal adventures.Shark Attacks in Oregon

Recent Shark Attacks in Oregon

Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
12-06-2020 15h20USA ,OregonSurfingCole HerringtonM /20Non-life-threatening to left lower leg & foot
03-05-2019 08h30USA ,OregonSurfingNathan HolstedtM No injury, board bitten and dented
10-10-2016 16h00USA ,OregonSurfingJoseph TannerM /29Wounds to upper thigh and lower leg
11-22-2013 10h30USA ,OregonSurfingAndrew GardinerM /25No injury, board bittenWhite shark, 10 '
01-13-2012 USA ,OregonSurfingSteve HarnackM /53No injury, surfboard damagedWhite shark
12-06-2011 09h00USA ,OregonSurfingfemaleF Minor injury to calf
10-20-2011 USA ,OregonSurfingBobby GummM /41No injury, shark bit surfboardWhite shark, 15'
10-10-2011 USA ,OregonSurfingDoug NiblackM No injury10' to 12' shark
10-28-2010 15h20USA ,OregonSurfingSeth MeadM No injury to surfer
09-27-2010 16h00USA ,OregonSurfingDavid LowdenM /29No injury, surfboard rammedWhite shark
10-31-2006 Just before sundownUSA ,OregonSurfingTony PerezM /22No injury, surfboard bittenWhite shark, 16'
08-29-2006 SunsetUSA ,OregonSurfingTom LarsonM /23Laceration & puncture wounds to foot
07-31-2006 16h00USA ,OregonSurfingRobert MartinM /41Minor injuryWhite shark?
12-24-2005 12h00USA ,OregonSurfingBrian AndersonM /30Lacerations to ankle & calfWhite shark
09-20-2004 09h00USA ,OregonSurfingSeth MeadM /26Leg bittenWhite shark
09-21-2002 USA ,OregonBoogie boarding or SurfingGarry TurnerM /24Ankle lacerated2.4 m [8'] shark
11-05-1998 USA ,OregonSurfingDale InskeepM /32No injuryWhite shark, 5 m to 6 m [16.5' to 20']
04-21-1998 09h30USA ,OregonSurfing (lying prone on his board)John ForseM /50Right thigh bitten5 m [16.5'] white shark
09-21-1994 16h30USA ,OregonSurfingRob MacKenzieM /43No injury, surfboard bitten5 m [16.5'] white shark
01-02-1993 16h30USA ,OregonSurfingWilliam WeaverM /29No injury, shark bit board6 m [20'] white shark
09-13-1992 17h00USA ,OregonSurfingJerad BrittainM /20Minor bruises4 m to 5 m [13' to 16.5'] white shark
03-08-1992 09h45USA ,OregonSurfing (sitting on his board)Mike AllmanM /21Left shoulder & side bitten, board brokenSaid to involve a 6 m to 7 m [20' to 23'] white shark
02-24-1991 09h30USA ,OregonSurfingTony FrancisconeM /38Calf lacerated & board bitten5.5 m [18'] white shark
10-23-1988 17h30USA ,OregonSurfing (sitting on his board)Wyndham KapanM /21Leg bitten & femur fractured5.5 m to 6 m [18' to 20'] white shark
09-30-1984 15h30USA ,OregonSurfing (sitting on his board)Robert RiceM /25Abrasion on right foot, board bitten3 m to 5 m [10' to 16.5'] white shark
08-20-1983 10h00USA ,OregonSurfingRandy WeldonM No injury, board bittenWhite shark
10-27-1980 15h45USA ,OregonSurfingChristopher CowanM /29Thigh lacerated4 m to 5 m [13' to 16.5'] white shark
11-27-1979 10h20USA ,OregonSurfingKenny DoudtM /20Multiple major InjuriesWhite shark, 4 m [13']
08-24-1976 14h00USA ,OregonSurfingMike ShookM /19No injury, board bittenWhite shark, 4.5 m
07-30-1975 USA ,OregonSea disasterGrace CongerF /62FATAL, arms & legs bitten
09-01-1974 MorningUSA ,OregonSurfingCurt BrownM /24No injuryWhite shark, 4.5 m


No, not all beaches in Oregon carry the same risk of shark attacks. The risk can vary, depending on factors such as the location, local marine life, and the time of year. It’s important for beachgoers in Oregon to stay informed about the shark activity in different areas and adhere to safety guidelines.


In Oregon, United States, certain types of bait are known to attract sharks. Predominantly, oily fish such as salmon and tuna or seal and sea lion waste can act as potent attractors due to their strong scent and high fat content.


Yes, there are indeed successful stories of shark attack survival in Oregon, United States. These accounts often provide valuable information on how to react in such situations, emphasizing the importance of staying calm, using any available tools for self-defense, and seeking immediate medical attention post-encounter.

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