Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
07-27-2021 13h30USA ,North CarolinaStandingArik NekrazovM /15Lower left leg bitten
06-27-2021 11h30USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingfemaleF /7Calf bitten
04-17-2021 USA ,North CarolinaTagging sharksfishing boat Sarah Brent No injury to occupants, shark bit boat after being taggedMako shark, 4 juvenile
10-21-2020 SunsetUSA ,North CarolinaSurfingErik MartynuikM Laceration to knee and footShark involvement not confirmed
08-01-2020 14h00-15h00USA ,North CarolinaSurfingJphn DodgeM /54No Injury, but board bitten
07-22-2020 17h30USA ,North CarolinaTreading watermaleM Left calf & foot bittenBull shark. 6.5'
06-20-2020 16h00USA ,North CarolinaBody SurfingNick ArthurM /16Injury to thigh
01-13-2020 14h33USA ,North CarolinaSurfingSamuel HorneM /26Lacerations to foot
07-30-2019 USA ,North CarolinaFishingRick CatonM Arc of punctures to lower right leg by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTBlacktip shark, 5'
07-16-2019 16h30USA ,North CarolinaBody-surfingMelissa ChaseF Ankle bittenshark pup
06-16-2019 16h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingmaleM /8Puncture wounds to leg
06-10-2019 14h00USA ,North CarolinaSurfingAustin ReedM /19Cuts to right foot
06-02-2019 12h20USA ,North CarolinaStandingPaige WinterF /17Severe injuries to leg and hand
08-18-2018 10h47USA ,North CarolinaSurfingmaleM /14Injury to right lower leg
08-05-2018 10h30USA ,North CarolinaSwimming/StandingfemaleF Injury to right calf
08-05-2018 USA ,North CarolinaStandingEdward DonohueM /16Injury to calfSaid to involve a blacktip shark
06-25-2016 14h34USA ,North CarolinaSurfingmaleM /11Foot injured
06-11-2016 15h00USA ,North CarolinaStandingDillon BowenM /19Laceration to wrist3' shark
07-04-2015 EveningUSA ,North Carolinaa marineM /32Lacerations to right hand & forearm
07-01-2015 12h10USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingAndrew CostelloM /68Injuries to torso, hip, lower leg & hands6' to 7' shark
06-27-2015 16h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingJohn ColeM /18Injuries to right calf, buttock and both handsBull shark
06-25-2015 11h41USA ,North CarolinaBody surfing?Patrick ThorntonM /47Multiple lacerations to back
06-24-2015 12h25USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingBrady NoyesM /6Minor injury to footSandtiger shark
06-14-2015 17h51USA ,North CarolinaWadingHunter TreschelM /16Arm amputated below shoulderBull shark
06-14-2015 16h12USA ,North CarolinaWadingKiersten YowF /12Left arm amputated at elbow & severe injury to legBull shark
06-11-2015 12h45USA ,North CarolinaBoogie boardinggirlF /13Minor lacerations to foot4' shark
08-27-2014 USA ,North CarolinaSurfingHunter AndersonM /29Laceration to left hand4' to 6' shark
08-24-2014 USA ,North CarolinaKite boardingMiller Diggs Laceration to left foot4' shark
07-27-2014 USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingmaleM Left foot bittenPossibly juvenile tiger shark
07-12-2014 USA ,North CarolinaBody surfingCarson JewellM Lacerations to hand and wrist
07-11-2013 15h20USA ,North CarolinaWadingBarbara CoreyF /63Right foot bitten
07-24-2012 11h45USA ,North CarolinamaleM /12Shark involvement unconfirmedShark involvement not confirmed
07-08-2012 17h30USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingTracy FasickF /43Lacerations to right ankle and calf
06-18-2012 11h00USA ,North CarolinaWadingBrooklyn DanielF /6Numerous puncture wounds to leg
05-31-2012 13h30USA ,North CarolinaWadingMegan KonklerF /33Foot bitten18 to 24 shark
08-24-2011 USA ,North CarolinaSurfingKevin DinneenM /21Lacerations to foot
08-24-2011 15h30USA ,North CarolinamaleM /10Heel bitten
08-17-2011 16h00USA ,North CarolinaM /12Abrasions to left handShark involvement not confirmed
08-17-2011 17h00USA ,North CarolinaWadingTrang AronianF /20Lacerations to footPossibly a 5' to 6' sandtiger shark
07-19-2011 17h30USA ,North CarolinaBoogie BoardingLucy MagnumF /6Lower right leg & foot bitten
08-07-2010 15h00USA ,North CarolinaSurfingJosh ClementM /25Left foot bitten
07-17-2010 13h30USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingKendall ParkerF /13Lacerations to right forearmSandtiger shark, 4' to 5'
06-25-2010 13h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingCarley SchlentzF /13Laceration to left foot
09-12-2009 21h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingRichard A SneadM /60FATALShark involvement prior to death not confirmed
07-22-2009 15h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingJulia Anne MittlebergF /26Laceration to left foot
08-24-2008 18h00USA ,North CarolinaSurfingJessica BrothersF /20Calf bittenShark involvement not confirmed
07-24-2008 13h00USA ,North CarolinaWadingMadeline SinsleyF /8Lacerations to dorsum of right foot3' to 4' shark
07-24-2008 USA ,North CarolinaWadingJake MartinM /9Minor lacerations to toe3' shark
07-13-2008 USA ,North CarolinaBody surfingDonald GriffinM /52Bruises, abrasions and some spinal and nerve damage when collided with marine animal, possibly a shark or dolphin.Shark involvement not confirmed
07-09-2008 19h30USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingBailleigh FosterF /14Lacerations to right foot
06-26-2008 AfternoonUSA ,North CarolinaPlaying in the surfCassidy CartwrightF /10Ankle bittenBull shark, 6'
05-26-2008 15h50USA ,North CarolinaSurfingWilliam EarlyM /9Biceps & lower arm bitten
08-22-2007 USA ,North CarolinaDivingBruce PenningtonM Minor injury from captive shark PROVOKED INCIDENTSand shark
07-18-2007 12h30USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingMatt BakerM /14Right calf bitten2' to 3' shark
07-17-2007 13h00USA ,North CarolinaWadingfemaleF /30Lacerations to right thigh & left foot5' shark
09-16-2006 MorningUSA ,North CarolinaSurfingJake PolandM /16Laceration to left thigh
08-01-2006 12h00USA ,North CarolinaWadingMiriam PicklesimerF /59Lacerations & punctures to left foot
09-05-2005 15h20USA ,North CarolinaWadingElizabeth GardnerF /18Calf severely laceratedBull shark
08-12-2005 11h30USA ,North CarolinaSurfingChris O'ConnorM /16Laceration on right wrist & crescent of puncture wounds on forearm1.8 m [6'] shark
07-15-2005 16h40USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingChris HumphreyM /22Lacerations of left forearm[4.5' to 5'] shark
07-28-2004 17h30USA ,North CarolinaSurfingCatherine DelneoF /28Right calf bitten
07-27-2004 17h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingAlexis HuesgenF /13Right forearm & wrist lacerated1.8 m [6'] shark
06-19-2003 Late afternoonUSA ,North CarolinaSurfingChris WhiteM /33Hand bittensand shark
08-05-2002 11h00USA ,North CarolinaStandingRobert PollanM /14Leg lacerated1.2 m to 1.5 m [4' to 5'] shark
07-20-2002 17h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingMary Katherine StrongF /15Calf bittenBull shark, 1.8 m to 2.1 m [6' to 7']
07-04-2002 17h15USA ,North CarolinaStandingAvery OlearczykF /9Calf, foot & hand bitten1.2 m to 1.5 m [4' to 5'] shark, possibly a bull shark
09-15-2001 13h45USA ,North CarolinaSurfingDale Fulcher, Jr.M /16Foot bitten
09-03-2001 18h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingNatalia (Natasha) SlobonskayaF /23Left buttock & foot severedA large white shark was filmed by divers on a local wreck 2 days prior to the incident.
09-03-2001 18h00USA ,North CarolinaSwimmingSergi ZaloukaevM /28FATALA large white shark was filmed by divers on a local wreck 2 days prior to the incident.
10-02-2000 16h30USA ,North CarolinaSurfingMark TaylorM /24Upper left arm lacerated