Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
05-21-2023 15h00USA ,New JerseySurfingMaggie DrozdowskiF /15Lacerations to left foot and calf
04-09-2022 AfternoonUSA ,New JerseyFeeding sharks & stingraysfemaleF /12Finger nipped by captive shark PROVOKED INCIDENTEpaulette shark
05-20-2019 USA ,New JerseyBody BoardingPaul SykesM /67No injuryShark involvement unconfirmed but considered probable
07-23-2017 USA ,New JerseyIsabella SmithF Minor injury to handSandtiger shark 2'
11-07-2013 AfternoonUSA ,New JerseyBody boardingQuinn GatesM /16No injury, swim fin bitten
07-25-2011 NightUSA ,New JerseyWade FishingEric AubreyM No injury, shark bit boot
12-05-2009 13h00USA ,New JerseyDivingRobert LargeM /58Lacerations & puncture wounds to right calf & ankle when diver accidentally backed into the shark PROVOKED INCIDENTSandtiger shark, 8'
06-05-2005 11h00USA ,New JerseySurfingRyan HortonM /17Dorsum of foot/ankle injured by surfboard skeg or other inanimate object.Mr. Burgess of ISAF announced the injury was the bite of a 1.8 m [6'], 2- to 3-year old white shark. Subsequent investigation revealed there was no shark involvement in this incident
07-27-1980 15h00USA ,New JerseyBody surfingJeff MoffatM /15Back bitten
10-21-1975 11h30USA ,New JerseySurf fishingM Tooth marks in left legShark involvement unconfirmed
06-22-1966 16h00USA ,New JerseyClammingHarry HiksdalM /153 lacerations on right leg by speared fish PROVOKED INCIDENTLocal authorities speculated that the water was too cold for sharks, but a 2.1 m [7'], 200-lb pregnant sandbar shark was caught next day
08-26-1965 17h30USA ,New JerseySwimmingJames Bloodworth, Jr.M /15Right thigh lacerated
08-12-1962 14h00 - 15h00USA ,New JerseyStandingMichael RomanM /24Left thigh & hand bitten1.8 m [6'] shark
08-30-1960 17h15USA ,New JerseySwimming 3 miles offshoreRichard ChungM /25Right leg severely lacerated
08-22-1960 USA ,New JerseyThomas McDonaldM /14Knee ripped to bone
08-21-1960 16h00USA ,New JerseyStanding in knee-deep waterJohn BrodeurM /24Lower right leg bitten, surgically amputated 10 days later
08-14-1954 USA ,New JerseySurf fishingLawrence MoodyM Right leg bitten when chasing shark from his fishing line PROVOKED INCIDENTsand shark
07-22-1941 12h00USA ,New JerseyFishing for tunaFishing boat Bingo III , occupants: Michael Perkins, George Hornack & Capt. Lonergan No injury to occupants, shark leapt into boat & bit cabin doorMako shark
07-12-1936 15h00USA ,New JerseyFishing for bluefish22' boat, occupants: Saul White & Charles Dillione No injury to occupants, shark leapt onboard boatBlue shark, 8' [2.4 m], 500-lb
06-18-1935 USA ,New JerseyFishing for bluefish, shark leapt into doryCaptain Manuel Chalor of fishing trawler NautilusM /31Arm lacerated by a shark that leapt onto boat4.6 m [15'] shark
08-10-1932 USA ,New JerseyFishingJohn OlsenM Hooked shark gashed right leg PROVOKED INCIDENT16' 800-lb shark
06-28-1932 USA ,New JerseyFishingAntonio FonzzoM /32Knee bitten by boated shark PROVOKED INCIDENT250-lb dog shark
06-26-1932 USA ,New JerseyFishingGiacomo GiavancoM Ankle broken when 500-lb boated shark lashed him with its tail PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-27-1931 USA ,New JerseyFishing for bluefishboat, occupants: Nels Jacobson & Franklin Harriman Covert No injury to occupants. Shark chasing fish struck boat
08-06-1931 USA ,New JerseySwimmingsoldier, a privateM Survived
07-15-1931 USA ,New JerseySwimmingsoldier in NJ National GuardM Nipped on leg
11-18-1928 USA ,New JerseyFishingboat, occupants: Captains Charles Anderson, Emit Lindberg & Oscar BensonM Fishermen were cut & bruised by netted, harpooned and gaffed sharks PROVOKED INCIDENTBlue nose sharks
08-24-1928 USA ,New JerseymaleM Thumb & coat sleeve recovered from shark's gut7' shark
08-24-1926 USA ,New JerseySwimmingCharles A. BurkeM /18FATAL
07-12-1926 USA ,New JerseyFishingboat, occupants: Andrew Peterson & Peter JergersonM No injury to occupantswhiptail shark (thresher shark?)
01-01-1923 USA ,New JerseyHoisting shark aboard fishing boatmaleM Shark's tail broke his leg. PROVOKED INCIDENT
01-01-1923 USA ,New JerseyFishingboat, occupant: Richard RodneyM No injury to occupant Shark struck boat
09-21-1917 USA ,New JerseySwimming, towing an empty barrelDaniel Thompson, lifeguardM Left knee lacerated
07-12-1916 USA ,New JerseySwimming (recovering remains of Stilwell)Stanley FisherM /24FATAL, thigh bitten3 m [10'] shark
07-12-1916 A.M.USA ,New JerseySwimmingLester StillwellM /10FATAL, legs & torso bitten
07-12-1916 USA ,New JerseySwimmingJohn DunnM /12Lower left leg bitten, surgically amputatedSaid to involve a 2.7 m [9'] shark
07-06-1916 AfternoonUSA ,New JerseySwimmingCharles BruderM FATALThought to involve a 2.6 m [8.5'] white shark
07-01-1916 17h00USA ,New JerseySwimmingCharles E. VansantM /24FATAL, left leg bittenThought to involve a 2.6 m [8.5'] white shark
06-30-1916 USA ,New JerseySwimmingboyM /10Heel bitten
08-27-1913 USA ,New JerseyM Man's leg recovered from 800-lb sharkShark involvement prior to death unconfirmed
08-27-1913 USA ,New JerseyF Female foot recovered from sharkShark involvement prior to death unconfirmed
08-08-1907 USA ,New JerseyWadingGeorge KellM Abrasion to chest
07-28-1904 USA ,New JerseySailingboat, 2 occupantsM No injury
09-16-1903 USA ,New JerseyFishingRev. John McMillanM Lacerations to right arm & shoulder9' shark
07-06-1902 USA ,New JerseySwimmingHarry M. SpeermanM Shark bit his left arm after he grabbed its tail PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-02-1895 USA ,New JerseyFishingElias TurnerM Arm bitten
08-29-1891 USA ,New JerseyShooting sharksone of the crew of the schooner Mary C. BrownM Survived, PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-17-1890 USA ,New JerseyFishing for bluefisha charter fishing boat with James Whiteside and his party No injury to occupants. Hooked shark damaged boat PROVOKED INCIDENT5'7 shark
08-01-1886 USA ,New JerseyClammingJohn Parker & Edward MatthewsM No injury. They were chased by three sharks, one of which rammed their boat3 m [10'] sharks
08-28-1884 USA ,New JerseyWatercraftEdward MonroeM Hand bitten
07-13-1842 USA ,New JerseySwimmingmaleM /15Lacerations to leg
07-06-1842 USA ,New JerseyHarassing a sharkmaleM Lacerations to leg PROVOKED INCIDENT
06-10-1829 MorningUSA ,New JerseyFell overboard from the ship GemmaleM FATAL
USA ,New JerseySwimming from naptha launch after a day of fishingGeorge WrightM 3 toes of right foot were severed
USA ,New JerseyNetting menhaden, sharks caught in netBoat of Captain Forman White No injury, sharks ripped net & bit boat PROVOKED INCIDENT
USA ,New Jerseyboat, occupants: 4 menM Shark attacked boat, shark killed & towed to shoreShark was said to “have a very rough ½”-thick skin”