Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
08-02-2021 15h00USA ,MarylandSwimmingJordan PrushinskiF /12Lacerations and puncture wounds to lower left legBlacktip shark
08-15-2018 SunsetUSA ,MarylandChris BowenM Scratches to calf
08-28-2014 USA ,MarylandFishingMathew VickersM /33Lacerations to foot by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
07-09-2002 Shortly after midnightUSA ,MarylandShark FishingCaptain Billy VerbanasM /41Drowned when caught in line and pulled overboard by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTMako shark, 400-lb
04-16-1991 09h55USA ,MarylandDivinga senior aquarist Minor injury by captive shark PROVOKED INCIDENT7' female shark
09-03-1944 USA ,MarylandSwimmingPhilip StantonM /13Laceration to right lower leg
08-04-1906 USA ,MarylandFell overboardWilliam McFloodM FATALRemains recovered 5 days later
07-28-1873 USA ,MarylandFishing (Seining)James GreenM Leg severely bitten by netted shark. Lower leg surgically amputated PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-31-1848 USA ,MarylandSwimmingWilliam HaywoodM /15Left leg severely bitten
08-15-1640 USA ,MarylandWadingmaleM FATAL