Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
06-14-2023 USA ,HawaiiFilmingNetflix crewM Sharks bit their inflatable boatsTiger sharks
05-11-2023 USA ,HawaiiKayak fishingScott HaraguchiM Shark bit kaysak, no inury to occupantTiger shark
04-09-2023 07h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingMike MoritaM /58Injuries to right footTiger shark
03-19-2023 12h30USA ,HawaiiSwimmingmaleM /60Left hand and left leg.
12-13-2022 08h00USA ,HawaiiSwimmingmaleM /68Lower left torso, defensive wounds to handsTiger shark?
12-08-2022 12h00USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingKristiine AllenF /60Fatal attackTiger shark
10-25-2022 AfternoonUSA ,HawaiiSnorkelingScott HillM /51No injury, swim fin bittenTiger shark?
09-03-2022 16h10USA ,HawaiiSwimming or SnorkelingfemaleF /51Injuries to left arm and right hand
12-04-2021 USA ,HawaiiSurfingmaleM Arm bittenBlacktip reef shark
11-07-2021 10h30USA ,HawaiiSpearfishingfemaleF /27Leg bitten
05-15-2021 16h45USA ,HawaiiKite FoilingmaleM /352- to 3-inch cuts to posterior thigh5 to 8-ff tiger shark
05-03-2021 16h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingParker BlanchetteM /14Lacerations to shin and calf5.5 ft shark
04-20-2021 08h56USA ,HawaiiSwimmingfemaleF /57Puncture wound to kneeTiger shark
02-06-2021 16h30USA ,HawaiiSurfingGavin KleinM No injury, surfboard bitten
01-22-2021 07h45USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingJerry WeisbeckerM /73Puncture wounds to left calf8 shark
01-02-2021 08h00USA ,HawaiiSwimmingJeri L. DouglasF /68Significant injury to right lower leg
12-08-2020 07h45USA ,HawaiiSurfingRobin WarrenM /56FATALTiger shark. 14'3
11-26-2020 14h00USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingfemaleF /35Severe injury to torso
09-21-2020 11h00USA ,HawaiiSwimmingfemaleF /61Lacerations and puncture wounds to shoulderInjuries not caused by a shark
09-06-2020 16h30USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingFemaleF /70Ankle bitten8' shark
06-01-2020 08h30USA ,HawaiiSurfingDouglas MooreM Cut to index finger of handTiger shark?
12-03-2019 10h00USA ,HawaiiStand-Up PaddleboardingLarry ObertoM /57No injury, inflatable paddle board was bitten by the shark10'-12' tiger shark
09-26-2019 09h15USA ,HawaiiSurfingfemaleF No injury, back of board bitten6' to 7' shark
09-18-2019 10h40USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingLauren Russell, Regan Russell & unidentied male /22Minor injuriesGalapagos shark, 5'-9'
08-20-2019 08h00USA ,HawaiiSwimming/ Treading waterfemaleF /26Injury to lower back and right hip
08-11-2019 19h30USA ,HawaiiSurfingMax KeliikipiM /16No injury, board damaged10' to 12' shark
07-29-2019 22h20USA ,HawaiiSwimmingAdherbal Treidler de OliveiraM /49Bite to abdomen & left leg medial thighCookiecutter shark
05-25-2019 08h48USA ,HawaiiSwimmingThomas SmileyM /65FATAL
05-14-2019 08h30USA ,HawaiiSurfingmaleM No injury, knocked of board by shark8' shark
05-08-2019 09h00USA ,HawaiiSwimming with sharksfemaleF /34Injuries to left arm and hand
04-23-2019 08h30USA ,HawaiiKayakingKimberly BishopF /65Injury to right inner thighTiger shark
04-06-2019 NightUSA ,HawaiiPicking opihimaleM /58Probable death by drowning, body scavenged by sharkTiger shark
04-06-2019 01h00USA ,HawaiiSwimmingIsaiah MojicaM /23Bitten on left shoulderCookiecutter shark
03-26-2019 10h00USA ,HawaiiPaddling an outrigger canoeMike BernstoneM /74Shark bit canoe, but injury to occupant may not have been caused by the shark12' shark
03-16-2019 03h00USA ,HawaiiSwimmingEric SchallM /58Bite to abdomenCookiecutter shark
02-04-2019 13h40USA ,HawaiiSurfingmaleM Multiple lacerations to legTiger shark
09-08-2018 08h30USA ,HawaiiStand-Up PaddleboardingJuliun PerkinsM /23Right arm bittenTiger shark, 10' to 12'
06-09-2018 07h45USA ,HawaiiSurfingJohn DengesM /48Injury to left lower leg from surfboard skeg
04-19-2018 USA ,HawaiiBody boardingDylan McWilliamsM /29Lacerations to right lower leg6' shark
03-31-2018 09h30USA ,HawaiiStand-Up PaddleboardingmaleM /25Lacerations to right hand and arm, loss of right leg below the kneeTiger shark, 12'
12-31-2017 18h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingMarjorie MarianoF /54Severe lacerations to left thigh & kneeTiger shark
11-02-2017 14h15USA ,HawaiiSurfingmaleM /20Minor cuts to lower left leg
10-26-2017 15h00USA ,HawaiiStand-Up PaddleboardingT. RodmanM No injury but shark bit SUP
10-09-2017 18h30USA ,HawaiiSurfingMitch MilanM /54Lacerations to left handTiger shark, 8 to 10 feet
10-05-2017 12h30USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingfemaleF /40Abrasions8' shark
04-14-2017 09h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingBabooM /28Lower right leg severely injuredTiger shark, 12'
11-14-2016 10h30USA ,HawaiiFloatingBarbara ZawackiF /58Injuries to right calf and thighTiger shark
10-21-2016 17h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingFederico JaimeM /36Left arm and leg injured6' to 8' shark
10-14-2016 09h50USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingfemaleF /66Injuries to left calf
09-07-2016 14h30USA ,HawaiiSwimmingLulu BagnolF /51Severe lacerations to shoulder & forearmTiger shark, 10'
08-06-2016 16h30USA ,HawaiiSUP Foil boardingConnor BaxterM /21No inury, shark & board collidedTiger shark, 10'
06-15-2016 06h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingmaleM Single puncture wound to arm3' to 4' shark
05-03-2016 15h49USA ,HawaiiFloatingmaleM /59Minor lacerations to right shoulder
03-31-2016 11h00USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingJ. OrrF /46Minor injury to left foot
01-28-2016 14h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingmaleM Lacerations to both handsReef shark, 5'
01-25-2016 11h30USA ,HawaiiSurfingKaya WaldmanF /15No injury
01-23-2016 MorningUSA ,HawaiiPaddle boardingMatt MasonM /48No injuryTiger shark, 14'
12-22-2015 MorningUSA ,HawaiiPaddle boardingRobert FordM /71No injury, shark bit board9' shark
11-03-2015 11h00USA ,HawaiiSwimmingPaul O'LearyM /54Laceration to right ankle
10-28-2015 14h50USA ,HawaiiBody boardingRaymond SenensiM /10Lacerations & puncture wounds to right thigh, calf & ankle
10-17-2015 11h30USA ,HawaiiSwimmingTony LeeM /44Severe injuries to lower legs. Foot later surgically amputated.Tiger shark, 7'
10-17-2015 19h20USA ,HawaiiSurfingmaleM /32Left foot bitten by eelNo shark involvement
10-09-2015 10h25USA ,HawaiiSurfingColin CookM /25Left leg severed below the knee, defense injuries to left handTiger shark, 13'
09-20-2015 15h52USA ,HawaiiSpearfishingBraxton RochaM /27Severe laceration to left legTiger shark, 13'
04-29-2015 09h00USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingMargaret CruseF /65FATAL
03-18-2015 11h45USA ,HawaiiStanding / SnorkelingKen GrasingM /58Lacerations to left forearm. Lacerations to left hand and thighTiger shark, 8 to 12 feet
01-27-2015 03h30USA ,HawaiiShark fishingMichael PollardM /20Lacerations to calf by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT4' shark
11-13-2014 13h30USA ,HawaiiSnorkelingAndrew HaasM /53Laceration to left upper leg1.5 m shark
10-31-2014 11h00USA ,HawaiiSurfingMcKenzie ClarkF /34Lacerations to fingersTiger shark, 12'
10-22-2014 10h00USA ,HawaiiStand-Up PaddleboardingKim LawrenceF No injury, paddleboard bittenTiger shark