Shark Attacks in Turkey

Turkey, renowned for its captivating coastlines and thriving tourism industry, offers a blend of pristine beaches and rich cultural experiences. However, recent interactions between humans and marine life have brought forward a concerning trend—shark attacks. We provide timely updates on Shark Attacks in Turkey, refreshing our information weekly. While such incidents remain relatively rare, it’s essential for tourists and locals alike to stay informed and ensure that the beauty of Turkey’s shores remains unmarred by potential threats from the deep.Shark Attacks in Turkey

Recent Shark Attacks in Turkey

Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
07-05-1967 13h40TURKEY ,Mugla ProvinceSpearfishingGungor GuvenM /36FATAL
08-30-1962 TURKEY ,Antalya ProvinceOccupant: Hasan OltaM No injury
07-16-1961 TURKEY ,AnatoliaSwimmingİbrahim KaragözM /16Left leg injured
06-26-1959 TURKEY ,Mersin ProvinceYitzhak SteinbergM Leg injured
12-28-1958 TURKEY ,Ahirkapi coastFishingFishing boat. Occupants: Yunus Potur & Ali Durmaz Boat damagedWhite shark
07-17-1938 TURKEY FishingAhmedM Injured by harpooned shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-16-1937 TURKEY SwimmingmaleM No injury, no attackInvalid
02-08-1934 TURKEY ,IstanbulFishing2 malesM No injury
03-16-1931 TURKEY FishingFishing boat. occupants: Laz Hüseyin, Ali Osman & Tursun No injury to occupants, shark crushed boat
05-11-1930 TURKEY Fishingsmall boat. Occupants: 2 EnglishmenM No injury but shark damaged boat
01-06-1929 TURKEY Fishing boatmale x 2M FATAL
09-17-1848 TURKEY ,Adana ProvinceSwimmingAli KaymazM FATAL


Yes, there are sharks in the Mediterranean Sea, including the waters surrounding Turkey. While several shark species inhabit the Mediterranean, many of them are not typically aggressive towards humans. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to exercise caution and stay informed when swimming in Turkey’s coastal regions.


Yes, it is generally safe to surf in Turkey despite the presence of sharks. The species found in Turkey’s waters are typically non-aggressive.


When swimming in Turkish waters, it’s advisable to stay within designated swimming areas and avoid isolated spots. Always be cautious of your surroundings, and refrain from swimming at dawn or dusk when marine life is most active. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy Turkey’s beautiful coastlines with greater peace of mind.

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