Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
03-11-2017 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandSpearfishingBenan ReintegradoM /25Right thigh injured10' shark
03-10-2013 PHILIPPINES ,PalawanSwimming to shore with floatioon devices after boat engine conked outAlvin Lovido & John Paul MangaoangM /28Minor leg injuriessmall sharks
07-30-2011 PHILIPPINES Sea disasterFishing vessel. Occupants Gerry Malabago, Mark Anthony Malabago & 2 othersM /43The two Malabagos were bitten by sharks but survived. The other occupants of the boat were rescued.
04-20-2009 0500PHILIPPINES ,Batangas provinceSwimmingGerald PerezM /23Legs bitten
11-25-2008 PHILIPPINES ,Batanes ProvineSinking of the cargo ship Mark Jason4 crewM Of the 20 crew, 4 were bitten by shark. None of their iinjuries were life-threatening
11-06-2008 10h00 -- 11h00PHILIPPINES ,LuzonFishingJoel BacudM /39Torso & righ arm bitten FATAL
09-30-2007 14h40PHILIPPINES ,PalawanThe 426-ton cargo ship Mia, laden with cement, capsized in heavy seasM FATAL Only 4 of the 18 on board were rescued, some of the missing were allegedly killed by sharks
11-25-2006 14h20PHILIPPINES ,Surigao del NorteSea DisasterSinking of the m.v.Leonida 15 perished but shark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
05-01-2003 PHILIPPINES ,Baatana resident of Barangay Luz Arm severedWhite shark
05-18-2001 PHILIPPINES ,Zamboanga del Sur ProvinceShark fishingAmir BadiM /24Arm bitten PROVOKED INCIDENT
10-24-1988 PHILIPPINES ,Viscayan SeaThe MV Dona Marilyn sank in Typhoon Unsang with the loss of 389 lives According to survivors, many people were taken by sharks
12-20-1987 PHILIPPINES ,MindoroFerry boat Dona Paz with 4431 passengers exploded & caught fire when she collided with an oil tanker 25 people survived; 300 shark-mutilated bodies were recovered
11-21-1983 PHILIPPINES ,Central PhilippinesFerry boat sankArturo GarcesM Left foot nipped.5 m shark
04-22-1980 NightPHILIPPINES ,Romblon ProvinceSinking of the ferryboat Don Juan FATAL x 2
03-15-1980 PHILIPPINES Sinking of the ferryboat Bongbong 12 womenF FATAL
06-10-1978 PHILIPPINES ,Misamis OrientalDolores Margarita Corrales y RoaF FATAL
12-18-1973 PHILIPPINES ,LuzonSwimmingRon ArneyM /19FATAL
06-01-1970 PHILIPPINES ,200 nm southeast of ManilaMotor launch Baby Princesa capsized with 22 people on board 2 people survived, 6 drowned & the others were killed by sharks
10-10-1968 PHILIPPINES ,Moro GulfSinking of the ferryboat Dumaguetea passenger Survived
11-04-1967 PHILIPPINES ,Rombion ProvinceSinking of the M/V Mindoro during a typhoon Passengers taken by sharks
05-16-1966 PHILIPPINES The passenger ship Pioneer Cebu capsized & sank in Typhoon IrmamaleM 130 perished; 136 survived including a man whose foot was severed by a shark
08-30-1965 PHILIPPINES Arsinoe, a French tankerFrench seamanM One man was lost, but he may have drownedShark involvement not confirmed
05-14-1963 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandBoat, with 42 passengers onboard, capsized in rough seasMost were women & children Of the 42 people on board, 5 died of exposure, others drowned or were taken by sharks. Survivors were rescued after spending 3 days in the water.
10-17-1961 PHILIPPINES ,Western Luzon IslandGathering shellsfishermanM Right leg severed
06-05-1960 MorningPHILIPPINES ,Corregidor IslandDiving for shells, saw shark circling wife near the surface, intercepted shark & it pulled him beneath the waterLeonardo MendozaM /58FATAL, body not recovered
04-01-1960 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandFishing, hooked shark towed boat out to sea, storm swamped boatNicaso Balanoba & Julian DonaM FATAL, due to drowning PROVOKED INCIDENT
12-19-1959 12h15PHILIPPINES ,Masbateship M.V. Rizal sank during typhoonMamerto Daanong, Tomas Inog & othersM 65 people survived, 27 perished. Several people were bitten & one man lost his leg to a shark.
09-30-1959 PHILIPPINES ,Leyte IslandSwimmingFrancisco DaguinotM /28No details, survived
08-20-1959 04h00PHILIPPINES ,North PalawanThe 240-ton motor vessel Pilar II with 100 people on board capsized in high winds & rough seasboyM /10Navy personnel reported that his body was mutilated by sharks but it is probable that death resulted from drowningShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
08-14-1959 AfternoonPHILIPPINES ,QueaonFishing boat capsized15 shipwrecked passengers and crew were in the water 10 of the 15 people perished, bodies of some who drowned were scavenged by sharks
03-08-1959 PHILIPPINES ,MindanaoLifeboat capsizedLeopoldo Sanchez, a messboy from the ship MV MaripazM /20FATAL, body not recovered
09-27-1953 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandBartolome MangubatM /23FATAL
11-23-1951 PHILIPPINES Shipwrecked; adrift on raft for 2 days & 2 nights3 fishermenM FATAL, two men survived, one succumbed to shark bite & exhaustion
07-30-1945 PHILIPPINES ,In transit between Tinian and LeyteAmerican cruiser Indianapolis torpedoed & sunk by the Japanese submarine I-58 About 300 crew perished during the sinking, the remainder abandoned ship. Many who survived the loss of the ship were taken by sharks. In all, only 316 of her crew of 1,196 survived.
10-26-1944 PHILIPPINES USS Gambier Bay CVE-73 shelled & sunk at 09h57 on 10/24/1944, by Japanes fleet enroute to attack the Allied landing force at Leyte.A. man floating next to Charles G. HeinlM When survivors werer rescued on 10/27/1944 by PC 623 there were many sharks in the area
10-26-1944 PHILIPPINES ,Bernardino Strait near Gulf of LeyteUSS Hoel DD 533 sunk on 10/24/1944 in the Battle off Samar. 2 crewmen were swimmng alongside a floater net &2 menM FATAL, both were killed by sharks
10-25-1944 PHILIPPINES Parachuted into PacificUS Naval ensignM Shark grazed leg, leaving toothmarks
10-25-1944 PHILIPPINES ,Off Samar Island in the Gulf of LeyteUSS Johnston DD 557 sunk on 10/24/1944 in the Battle off Samara. Crewmen were swimming beside a raft.William Clinton Carter, Jr. & 2 other menM Clinton was bitten on his back, 2 others did not survive
01-01-1934 PHILIPPINES DivingmaleM Minor wounds to thigh
04-16-1932 PHILIPPINES ,ManilaStandingmale (civilian)M FATAL, torso bitten
04-16-1932 PHILIPPINES ,ManilaStandingfemaleF FATAL, torso bitten
02-08-1932 PHILIPPINES ,ManilaWorking near fish trapsFilipino soldierM FATAL, died next day at 03h00
05-29-1927 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandSea disasterInter island ferry Negros foundered during a typhoon 55 perished, some were taken by sharks
08-28-1921 15h00PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandSwimmingMarcellus T. Abernathy, a US soldier in the 9th Coast ArtilleryM /21FATAL, abdomen severely lacerated, taken by seaplane to hospital in Corrigedor but died
01-11-1921 PHILIPPINES ,Cavite Province, Luzon Buttons & shoes found in shark caught in fish trapQuestionable
11-04-1920 PHILIPPINES ,LeyteThe coastwise steamer San Basilio capsized in a typhoonmaleM FATAL
05-31-1917 17h45PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandSwimmingE.E., water tender of the U.S.S. DaleM FATAL, abdominal cavity removed
07-07-1916 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandBathinga sailor from the U.S.S. GalvestonM Right foot severed
11-30-1912 PHILIPPINES Swimming from foundered vesselBessie LambertF /19FATAL
01-01-1910 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandSwimmingLieut. James H. StewartM Calf removed, not known if he survived6 m [20'] shark
02-09-1907 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandRow boat (from the gunboat Elcano) was sinking, put finger in holeJ.J. DunlapM Finger severed
08-01-1905 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandBathingFrank AbernathyM /21Leg bitten
11-02-1904 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandBathing alongside US Naval shipsailor, a boatswain's mate from the PiscataquaM Foot bitten
01-01-1904 PHILIPPINES ,QuezonBathingLt. Edward HearnM Left arm bitten
06-02-1902 PHILIPPINES ,Zamboanga del Sur ProvinceApyM Nose hanging by a threat, prints of shark's teeth over entire right cheek
06-24-1901 15h00PHILIPPINES ,Western ViscayasSwimmingS. McKie, apprentice 1st class on the U.S. Naval ship AnnapolisM Left thigh stripped of flesh 4 above the knee
11-20-1899 PHILIPPINES ,Mindoro OccidentalSea Disasterwreck of the steamship Hubeh FATAL
05-28-1899 PHILIPPINES ,NegrosSwimmingCaptain TillyM FATALShark involvement not confirmed
07-03-1893 PHILIPPINES ,Luzon IslandAbandoning burning steamship Don JuanM FATAL
PHILIPPINES ,300 miles east of LuzonSwimming near life raftNicholas NagurneyM /19Arm bitten9' shark
PHILIPPINES ,Zamboanga del Sur ProvinceTaking catch from a fish weir in which the shark was snaredDahkus, a Molussa MoroM Right thigh bitten
PHILIPPINES ,Camiguin IslandSailing from Gingood, Misamis Oriental to Sagay (normally a 2-day voyage) capsized with 6 on board, three men were taken by sharks when they attempted to swim to shore.Andong & 2 othersM FATAL
PHILIPPINES ,Manila BaymaleM FATAL, abdomen severely bitten. Airplane summoned from Corregidor & injured man was lashed to wing, but he died