Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
07-14-2023 SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceWatching the sardine runcrew No injury to occupants, shark defated boat
05-03-2023 19h15SOUTH AFRICA ,Easten Cape ProvinceSurfingmaleM /50Leg injured
05-01-2023 SOUTH AFRICA ,Easten Cape ProvinceDiving for crayfishNkululeko MphehluleM /39Shoulder injured
12-30-2022 09h00South Africa ,KNZDiving/Shark FeedingRanier KrugerM /26Hamd bittenBlacktip
09-25-2022 07h53SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSwimmingKimon BisognoF /39FATALWhite shark, 13'
06-28-2022 14h09SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSwimmingBruce WolovM FATALWhile shark
04-01-2022 SOUTH AFRICA ,KZNTwo bodies washed ashore,M Possible drowing and scavenging
01-09-2022 07h31SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalFishing for sharksmalesM PROVOKED INCIDENT No injury to occupants, shark bit ski
07-14-2021 07h07SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingJason LemmerM /38Injuries to leg and torso
04-14-2021 AfternoonSOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalSpearfishingJarid NormanM /38Minor injury to head1.3m shark
04-13-2021 11h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceBody boardingRobert FrauensteinM /38FATALWhite shark
06-16-2020 14h00SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalSurf skiingSharon ArmstrongF No inury, ski damaged
12-26-2019 07h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurf skiingRoger SwinneyM No injury, shark bit surf ski
11-09-2019 06h50SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceKayaking fishingBradley BeamishM No injury, kayak damagedWhite shark, 4 m
07-10-2019 10h30SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingDusty PhelanM /20Leg injuredWhite shark, juvenile
03-05-2019 16h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceFishingmaleM /46Lacerations to arm from shark caught in trawl net PROVOKED INCIDENT2.5 m shark
02-02-2019 SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalFishing2 malesM No injury to occupants, shark bit pontoon causing it to deflate.
11-11-2018 MorningSOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalFishingBryon MachadoM /41Surf-ski bitten but no injury to occupantWhite shark, 3m
05-12-2018 11h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingmaleM Minor injury, marks on board
04-22-2018 09h40SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurf-skiingmaleM /33No injury, shark bit hole in skiWhite shark, 2.5 m
04-03-2018 15h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingRoss SpowartM /19Lacerations to left knee & lower legWhite shark
02-24-2018 SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalScuba DivingElton PollyM /38The shark & man simply collided; neither were injuredBlacktip shark
10-01-2017 SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceScuba DivingBradley FickM /31FATAL, but death was probably due to drowning
09-15-2017 AfternoonSOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceScuba DivingWayon LoveM /25FATAL, but death was probably due to drowning
09-03-2017 MorningSOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSwimming, poaching abaloneSivuyile XelelaM FATAL
07-07-2017 15h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingZoe SteinF /13No injury, shark bit surfboardWhite shark, 2.5 m
04-29-2017 17h10SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingmaleM /14Minor injury to right calf
04-12-2017 SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalScuba DivingLeopold MairhuberM /68Fatal, coroner unable to determine if the diver was alive or had drowned when incident took place.Shark involvement prior to death not confirmed
02-06-2017 SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalFishingKayak fishing. Murray Van WykM Shark damaged kayak, no injury to occupantTiger shark
12-19-2016 07h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurf skiingBen SwartM /55No injury, but ski severely damagedWhite shark, 4 m
06-23-2016 SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSpearfishingRene NelM /43Injuries to left leg & right handWhite shark
04-22-2016 08h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurf-skiingDave MansonM No injury, surf-ski bittenWhite shark
01-29-2016 SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalFishingKayak fishing, Dev De LangeM No injury, shark capsized kayak
12-26-2015 MorningSOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalFishingKayak fishing, occupant: Grant WardellM No injury, kayak damagedWhite shark, 3 m
12-08-2015 MorningSOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSwimming / WadingTamsin ScottF /22Lacerations to both hands and forearms
10-25-2015 15h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingStuart AndersonM /42Lacerations to right calf, knee & hipWhite shark, 3 to 3.5m
07-19-2015 SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingMick FanningM /34No injuryWhite shark
06-27-2015 14h40SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceBody BoardingCaleb SwanepoelM /19Right leg severed, multiple lacerations to left legWhite shark
06-26-2015 16h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingDylan RedderingM /23Multiple lacerations to torso & legWhite shark, 2m to 3 m
05-02-2015 13h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceDivingMathieu DasnoisM /29Injuries to leg, left arm & both handsWhite shark, 3.5 m
03-26-2015 SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceKayak FishingKayak: Occupant Kelly Janse van RensburgM /36No injury but kayak bittenWhite shark, 4 m
01-23-2015 AfternoonSOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceFloatingChristiaan NelM /24Foot bitten
01-03-2015 08h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingJason KrafftM /15Lacerations to lower left leg, puncture wounds to sole of left footRaggedtooth shark, 1.3 m
12-28-2014 MorningSOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalSwimming5 people claimed to have been injured by a baby shark Minor cuts on feetShark involvement not confirmed & highly unlikely
08-01-2014 14h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingMatthew SmithersM /20Lower limbs & thigh bittenWhite shark
05-04-2014 SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceDiving 4-inch laceration to armCow shark
04-12-2014 MorningSOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceFishingLionel McDougallM Lacerations to leg & hand by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTRaggedtooth shark, 2m
04-12-2014 SOUTH AFRICA Shark watchingInflatable boat No injury to occupants, shark bit pontoonWhite shark
03-22-2014 15h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSwimmingFriedrich Burgstaller.M /66FATAL2 m shark
12-16-2013 08h45SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingThomas BrowneM /19Injuries to left thighWhite shark, 3m
10-11-2013 11h30SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSwimming / snorkelingBurgert Van Der WesthuizenM /74FATALWhite shark
08-08-2013 SOUTH AFRICA Attempting to free the sharkTylerM Unknown, but survivedBlacktip shark
06-16-2013 MorningSOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingKevin BraceyM Lacerations to knee
04-14-2013 SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceFree divingmaleM Light scratch on hand/wrist areaBlue shark
03-16-2013 09h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceFishing - 'tag & release'Kobus KoebergM /30Lacerations to left calf and heel from hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTRaggedtooth shark, 1.5 m
03-16-2013 SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingTroy HenriM No injury, surfboard bitten
03-03-2013 SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSwimmingFundile NogumlaM /39Injuries to arms & hands
12-25-2012 SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSwimmingLiya SibiliM /20FATALTiger shark
07-06-2012 16h30SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingJacque MostertM /29Lacerattions to left thigh & knee15' shark
04-19-2012 12h30SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceBody boardingDavid LilienfeldM /20FATALWhite shark, 4 m to 5m
02-20-2012 SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceFishing8m inflatable boat. Occupants: Bhad Battle & Kevin Overmeyer No injury to occupants, boat damagedWhite shark, 7m
01-15-2012 15h40SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSwimmingLungisani MsungubanaM /25FATALThought to involve a bull shark
12-21-2011 DawnSOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceKayak FishingWerner CoetzeeM /35No injury but kayak dented
12-07-2011 SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalSurf skiingRichard KohlerM No injury, ski damagedShark involvement not confirmed
10-29-2011 SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalDiving Arm bitten by captive shark PROVOKED INCIDENTRaggedtooth shark
09-28-2011 12h25SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSwimmingMichael CohenM /43Right leg severed, left leg laceratedWhite shark
08-23-2011 09h11SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingTim van HeerdenM /49FATALWhite shark, >6'
07-22-2011 10h00SOUTH AFRICA ,Eastern Cape ProvinceSurfingDenver StruwigM /29Upper left arm & right leg bittenWhite shark, 3m to 4m
06-28-2011 12h00SOUTH AFRICA ,KwaZulu-NatalScuba divingPaolo StanchiM /22Severe lacerations to hands and left legBull shark, 3m female
05-29-2011 SOUTH AFRICA ,Western Cape ProvinceSurfingClinton NelsonM /33No injury, board bumped by sharkWhite shark