Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
12-26-2019 16h30PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceSpearfishingKala GereaM /33FATAL
02-17-2014 NightPAPUA NEW GUINEA SailingOneDLLM /21No injury to occupants, hull bitten
11-20-2011 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,East New BritainScuba divingmaleM No injury, shark collided with diver
09-11-2011 AfternoonPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceKite SurfingThomas ViotM /30Lacerations to right legTiger shark, 2m
06-13-2002 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Louisiade Archipelago Arm severely lacerated, surgically amputated
06-13-2002 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Louisiade ArchipelagoAttempting to retreive a dinghyan elementary school teacher FATAL
05-21-2002 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Milne Bay ProvinceCollecting beche-de-merBilly LeonardM /14Wrist lacerated
06-30-2000 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvincemaleM FATAL
05-07-2000 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceDivingmaleM FATAL
05-07-2000 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceStandingAdamM /9Left leg & ankle bitten
02-09-1996 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceCollege student Thigh
02-09-1996 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang Provincea father of sixM FATAL
02-09-1996 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceDivingschoolboy /14Leg severed FATAL
01-01-1989 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New IrelandScuba diving, hand feeding sharksDinah HalsteadF Thigh & calf bitten7' silvertip shark
09-21-1988 MorningPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New IrelandDivingAndrew Brown GoriM /27FATAL
01-01-1970 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceFreedivingMosleyM /15Lacerations to back
11-04-1968 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceWreck of the Storm KingmaleM Remains recovered days later from sharkShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
05-01-1968 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceStandingTamuk GilabaM /17Lower leg severely lacerated
04-11-1968 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Gulf ProvinceSwimmingHukolapa LaiokekeM /7FATAL Laceration to chest
01-17-1968 17h30PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Morobe ProvinceSwimmingAwin Ieromia /13FATAL
12-21-1967 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceSpearfishingBob ValentineM /32No injuryQuestionable incident
09-07-1967 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceDivingParang No details, listed as PROVOKED INCIDENT
09-06-1967 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceSpearfishingParangM FATAL
09-01-1967 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceSpearfishingTony KamageM /23FATAL3.7 m [12'] shark
03-01-1967 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Britainblack maleM /14Leg bitten3.7 m [12'] shark
10-30-1966 MorningPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceSwimmingRidel Pogias (female)F /13FATAL3.7 m [12'] shark
10-19-1966 09h00PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceBathingDakel (female)F /8FATAL3.7 m [12'] shark
07-14-1966 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Admiralty Islands, Manus ProvinceSwimmingSasaF /25FATAL
10-01-1965 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New BritainWadingJohn GugeM /27Toe severed
09-21-1965 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceSpearing fishDabek Orou, maleM Minor injury, speared shark lacerated his kneecap & leg PROVOKED INCIDENTsmall shark
09-12-1965 14h00PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,East SepikFishing (rod & line)IluM Leg & hand bitten by shark that had been speared by another fisherman PROVOKED INCIDENT0.9 m [3'] shark
06-01-1965 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Near Bougainville (North Solomons)SpearfishingMr. Belle Yang, a school teacherM Minor injury
12-10-1964 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Bougainville (North Solomons)maleM Thigh severely lacerated
12-09-1964 Late afternoonPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Bougainville (North Solomons)Canoe swamped, swimming back to canoeSoso, a maleM /28Survived2.1 m [7'] shark
07-01-1964 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceStanding / fishingKambagil, maleM FATAL, leg severed
07-01-1964 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland Provincecanoeingoccupant: child No injury to occupant, canoe struck several times by shark
06-17-1964 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New BritainFishingcanoe, occupant: Herman TamanM No injury to occupant, shark lifted canoe's outrigger2.4 m [8'] shark
04-07-1964 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceFishingSimon KilalegM FATAL
03-28-1964 MidnightPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceCanoe capsized with 10 occupants, 8 survived, Hamilton swam off to seek helpDonald HamiltonM /32Presumed FATAL
01-06-1964 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New BritainFishingmaleM FATALTiger shark
11-30-1963 14h00PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Gulf ProvinceFishing / standing in waist deep waterSiara Ikui, femaleF /18Left arm lacerated PROVOKED INCIDENTTiger shark
11-05-1963 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New BritainWadingTuleM Thigh lacerated6' shark
06-01-1963 MorningPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceFishingAu Kila (male)M /30Hooked shark bit his nose, arm and leg PROVOKED INCIDENT1.8 m [6'] shark
02-27-1963 11h00PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland ProvinceSwimmingJoseph To TobaM Right shoulder bitten
08-30-1962 MiddayPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Northern DistrictFishingEnigo SetiroM /49Posterior lower left leg lacerated by netted shark PROVOKED INCIDENTA long thin brown-colored shark
08-01-1962 17h00PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland Province, Bismarck ArchipelagoSpearfishingTarara, a maleM FATAL, right thigh severely bitten, right ankle lacerated
06-10-1962 MiddayPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang ProvinceWashingboy from Aitape, West SepikM FATAL, chest & leg bittenPossibly a bronze whaler shark
03-24-1962 Late afternoonPAPUA NEW GUINEA ,MadangSwimmingKes, a native boyM /10FATAL, calf bitten, other leg severed below kneePossibly a bronze whaler shark
02-23-1962 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceSwimming along a row of netsHitola HekureM Torso lacerated1.2 m [4'] shark
01-11-1962 12h00PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,10ºS, 142ºESpearfishingYagirua AgiramonM /24Left leg & buttocks bittenWhite shark
08-01-1961 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Sandaun ProvinceFishing, two large sharks passed. He speared one and it bit himmaleM Thigh lacerated PROVOKED INCIDENT
06-01-1961 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Admiralty Islands, Manus ProvinceFishing, speared shark upset canoe & man fell in waterMarik-PokasM /19Left thigh severely bitten, but he regained the canoe, then shark bit canoe PROVOKED INCIDENT2.7 m [9']shark
11-01-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceFishingmaleM FATAL, severely bitten genitals & thighs
10-01-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New BritainCollecting shellsM /26Injuries to leg & foot
08-22-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Milne Bay ProvinceFree-divinga nativeM Lost left arm
07-27-1960 P.M.PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Milne Bay ProvinceSpearfishingJohn KlasoM /25Arm severed, torso severely lacerated
07-02-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,MadangFishingan Aid Post orderlyM Right buttock slashed
05-01-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,MadangAnonymous FATAL
02-19-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Central ProvinceSpearfishingDoas HehuniM /26FATAL, legs bittenTiger shark, 3.4 m [11'] captured
01-30-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Madang (WO)Upad, a boyM Lower left leg bitten, surgically amputated3.5 m [11'6] shark captured
01-01-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,West New Britain ProvinceFishingmaleM /20Slight lacerations to leg
01-01-1960 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,MadangSpear fishing, removing fish from spearSekM /16FATAL, foot severed, hip bitten
12-26-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Rigo subdistrictSwimming underneath house on pilingsManama Mari /13FATAL, right leg severed
11-01-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New BritainFishingmaleM Both hands bitten while helping companion land speared shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
10-05-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,MadangAnonymous Thigh bitten
02-16-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Kikori River mouthFishingmaleM Arm bitten by shark that he thought was dead PROVOKED INCIDENT3.7 m [12'] shark
01-01-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,New Ireland Province, Bismarck ArchipelagoPasinganlasM FATAL, abdomen & leg bitten
01-01-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,West New Britain ProvinceSpear fishingmaleM Minor injuries
01-01-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,West New Britain ProvinceFishingmaleM Minor injuries
01-01-1959 PAPUA NEW GUINEA ,Morobe ProvinceFishingmaleM Penis bitten while trying to drag speared shark to beach PROVOKED INCIDENT