Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
03-15-2022 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingCarl ColvilleM No injury, shark leapt on surfboard
01-09-2022 16h30NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSwimmingAlvira Repia-KingF /13Puncture woundsSevengill shark
12-25-2021 New Zealand ,South IslandSwimmingCordelia ScottF /9Laceration to big toe
11-02-2021 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSurfingTai JuneauM /26Fingers laceratedBroadnose seven gill shark
01-27-2021 20h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSwimmingmaleM /61Minor puncture wound to armJuvenile shark
01-07-2021 17h10NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSwimmingKaelah MarlowF /19FATAL
03-14-2020 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandKayak fishingSteve DickinsonM PROVOKED INCIDENT No injury, shark nudged kayak repeatedlyWhite shark, 2.5 to 3 m
02-22-2020 11h30NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSurfingNick MinogueM /60Minor injury, surfboard bittenWhite shark
01-16-2020 20h30NEW ZEALAND ,SouthlandSurfingJordan KingF /13Minor injury to lower legBroadnose seven gill shark?
12-24-2019 EveningNEW ZEALAND ,SouthlandBoogie boardingGeorge StopforthF /17Laceration to thigh
07-17-2019 MorningNEW ZEALAND ,Chatham IslandsScuba divingVal CroonM /45Shark rammed him but no injuryWhite shark, 3m
01-29-2019 EveningNEW ZEALAND ,South IslandBoogie boardingfemaleF /17Gash to thighReported as shark bite but injury caused by stingray
12-15-2018 11h20NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSpearfishingKevin LloydM /24Injuries to leg and handMako shark, 7'
12-09-2018 08h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSpearfishingAnton OleinikM /50No injuryBronze whaler 2.5m
10-19-2018 18h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSurfingAndrew 'Nugget' BroughM /25Severe lacerations to arm and hand and cut to faceWhite Shark, 3.2m to 3.5m
10-21-2017 09h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandKayakingDavid LomasM No injury, shark shook kayak x32 m shark
08-26-2017 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandCanoeingMatt KensingtonM No injury, shark bit canoe
04-27-2017 14h00NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandBody boardingfemaleF /20Puncture wounds & laceration above knee
05-02-2016 AfternoonNEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishingmaleM /39Foot bitten by landed shark PROVOKED INCIDENTMako shark, 1.5 m [5']
02-07-2014 20h30NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingDarren MillsM /28Lacerations to leg7-gill shark?
01-25-2014 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSpearfishingJames GrantM /24Minor injury to left lower leg & heel7-gill shark
01-01-2014 NEW ZEALAND Filming a documentaryDinghy. Occupants: Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande No injury to occupants, shark nudged and bit boatWhite shark, 6 m
02-27-2013 13h24NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSwimmingAdam StrangeM /46FATALWhite shark, 4m
01-13-2013 NEW ZEALAND ,Mercury IslandsSpearfishingKim BadeM Minor cut on fingerBronze whaler shark, 3m
12-01-2012 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandScuba divingJenny OliverF /25No injury, shark grabbed hoodSeven-gill shark
03-06-2012 19h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSurfingPeter GarrettM Lacerations to left calf
04-16-2011 AfternoonNEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingLaine HobsonM /41Puncture to left handpossibly a bronze whaler shark
02-06-2010 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSpearfishingAaron MuilwykM No injury, shark bit his speargun after he used it to prod the shark PROVOKED INCIDENT2 m to 3 m shark
02-01-2010 18h30NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandBoogie BoardingLydia WardF /14Stepped on shark PROVOKED INCIDENT1.5 m shark
12-16-2009 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSwimming to shore from capsized kayakMaurice Bede PhilipsM /24FATALWhite shark, 2.8 to 3 m
03-01-2009 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishingboat, occupants: Boyd Rutherford & Hamish RoperM No injury to occupants, shark bit propeller
01-24-2009 19h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishing7.2 m boat. Occupant Kelvin Travers No injury to occupant, shark removed small auxiliary outboard motor
01-16-2009 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingTane TokonaM No injury, bumped off board by the shark
01-10-2009 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishingBry & David Mossman & 2 friends No injury to occupants, shark hit boat & bit outboard motorMako shark, 3m
01-06-2009 17h30NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSwimmingGreg SimsM /49Posterior thigh bittenBroadnose sevengill shark
12-14-2008 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishingKen LindbergM Lacerations to left calf and ankleBronze whaler shark?
01-19-2008 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandWadingMatthew O'NeillM Stingray envenomation, not a sharkNo shark involvement
01-14-2008 14h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandAttempting to chase shark out to seainflatable rescue boat. Occupants: Lauren Johnson &. Kris O'Neill No injury to occupants, pontoon puncturedBronze whaler shark, 4m
12-09-2007 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingOlivia HislopF No injury, shark bit surfboard & severed leash
03-05-2007 NEW ZEALAND ,Cook islansSpearfishingTurua William MaretapuM /16Leg bitten by shark after he shot at it & missed PROVOKED INCIDENTTiger shark
12-11-2006 11h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSurfingElliot Paerata-ReidM /10Foot bitten2 to 3 m shark
03-09-2005 14h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishingChris Haenga, Wayne Rangihuna & Tamahau TibbleM No injury, netted shark dragged them 350 metres out to sea PROVOKED INCIDENTBronze whaler shark, 4.3 m [14']
01-08-2005 12h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishing from a kayakPaul MorrisM /39No injury, kayak bumped repeatedlyWhite shark
10-30-2004 NEW ZEALAND ,North Island No injuryInvalid
04-22-2004 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishingboat Live N Hope No injury to occupants, boat scratched by sharkWhite shark, 5.5 m [18']
03-22-2004 12h30NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSpearfishingMarc Fraser & Blair FraserM No injuryBronze whaler shark
02-26-2004 19h00NEW ZEALAND ,South Island, near Karitane north of DunedinSurfingChris BlairM /15Thigh lacerated2 m [6.75'] sevengill shark
01-22-2004 NEW ZEALAND ,NorthlandsBoogie boardingmaleM No injury, swim fin damagedShark involvement doubtful
01-03-2004 AfternoonNEW ZEALAND ,North IslandKayaking (returning from spearfishing)a male from WaikatoM No injury, no attack, shark took fish from back of kayakInvalid
12-13-2003 NightNEW ZEALAND ,Cook IslandsSwimming / shipwreckTeta VaotiareM /45FATAL
07-01-2003 NEW ZEALAND ,Cook IslandsSnorkelingAllen --M Chest & buttocks bittenGrey reef shark
02-27-2003 11h45NEW ZEALAND ,SouthlandScuba divingAlistair KerrM /44Arm lacerated (shark made 3 strikes)2.5 m [8.25'] white shark
01-06-2001 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandKayakingDr. Michael HoganM No injury, kayak bittenWhite shark
12-01-2000 NEW ZEALAND ,Cook IslandsSurfingfemaleF FATAL
06-29-2000 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandFishinginflatable dinghy, occupants: Craig Ward & Gavin John HalseM No injury, shark bit the dinghyMako shark, 2 m [6.75']
03-03-2000 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandKayakingRicky StringerM /27Reported as shark attack but probable drowningShark involvement questionable
02-03-2000 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingMichael PetasM /12No injury, wetsuit punctured
12-31-1999 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSwimmingJennifer McDowellF /13Arm bittenSevengill shark
12-31-1999 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingTim WildM /15Six puncture wounds on legSevengill shark
12-31-1999 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandBathingGenna HaywardF /12A cut on her handSevengill shark
03-18-1999 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSpearfishing & diving for pauaZane SmithM No injurySevengill shark, 2.4 m [8']
03-14-1999 NEW ZEALAND FishingMr. SpainM /28Right thigh bitten PROVOKED INCIDENTMako shark, 1.3 m gaffed
01-01-1999 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandInflatable boat No injury to occupant: boat lost
09-06-1996 10h00NEW ZEALAND ,Chatham IslandsDiving for abaloneVaughn HillM /23Back, arms & wrist severely laceratedWhite shark
11-11-1995 NEW ZEALAND ,Chatham Islands, east of New ZealandDiving, gathering shellfishKina ScollayM /22Leg & chest lacerated5 m [16.5'] white shark
04-24-1992 15h30NEW ZEALAND ,Antarctic OceanSnorkelingMike FraserM Right forearm severed, left forearm lacerated & broken4 m [13'], 590-kg white shark
01-16-1985 NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandInvestigating shark sightingsmall speedboat, occupan: Paul McNally No injury to occupant, shark bit boat6 m shark
01-02-1976 13h00NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSpearfishingJohn Grainger LeithM FATALBronze whaler shark
10-10-1972 NEW ZEALAND ,North IslandSwimmingBarry KumaraM /17No injury, leg of jeans torn off
03-30-1971 10h20NEW ZEALAND ,South IslandSurfingBarry WatkinsM /16Lacerations to left legWhite shark, 4.6 m [15']