Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
03-17-2023 MEXICO ,Quintana RooSwimmingDillon ArmijoM /10Significant injury to legAuthorities report injury caused bya barracuda
01-05-2023 11h30MeXICO ,Gulf of CaliforniaDiving with surface-supplied airManuel Nieblas LópezM /53Fatal
02-12-2022 10h00MEXICO ,SonoraSurface Supplied DivingVictor EstrellaM /56FATAL3m shark
12-06-2021 MEXICO ,Quintana RooDivingDavid RodríguezM /14Lacerations
11-23-2019 15h00MEXICO ,GuerreroFishingmaleM Lacerations to arm from hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
11-11-2019 MEXICO ,BajaSnorkelingKristoffer NymannM /23Bite to right forearm
07-06-2019 MEXICO ,Quinta RooFishingEdgar Hernández,M Leg injured
03-21-2019 17h30MEXICO ,GuerreroSwimmingAlex WiltonM /3220 cm gash to right leg
12-18-2018 11h00MEXICO ,SonoraDivingNahum Verdugo AguileraM /35FATALTiger shark
06-04-2018 MEXICO ,ColimaFree divingGustavo RamosM Lacerations to leg & hand PROVOKED INCIDENTTiger shark, 3m
07-07-2017 MEXICO ,TabascoFishingAndres Ovando RodriguezM /32Hand bitten by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTTiger shark, 100 kg
05-05-2017 17h00MEXICO ,Baja California SurSnorkelingAndres RozadaM /33FATAL
03-07-2017 MorningMEXICO ,TamaulipasFishingDaniel Vázquez LópezM Finger severed by 'dead shark' on boat's deck PROVOKED INCIDENT
10-13-2016 MEXICO Cage DivingMing ChanM Shark breached cage, no injury to diverWhite shark
09-01-2016 MEXICO Cage Diving No injury to divers, white shark breached cageInvalid
03-10-2015 10h20MEXICO ,SinaloaFishingDavid Villegas MoraM /36Right hand bitten by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
07-29-2013 11h00MEXICO ,Quintana RooWadingBonnie DavisF Hip bitten
04-24-2013 13h40MEXICO ,Quintana RooSwimmingIsabella CarchiaF /34Avulsion injury to lower right legTiger shark
11-22-2012 11h40MEXICO ,SinaloaSwimmingFernando Cardenas GarciaM /32FATAL2.5 m shark
05-29-2012 09h00MEXICO ,GuerreroFree diving / spearfishingBenigno Medina NavarreteM /46Left hand severedBull shark, 3m
11-01-2011 MEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaShark divingPatrick Walsh & Paul DamgaardM White shark breached cage. No injury to occupantsInvalid
03-24-2011 MEXICO ,Quintana RooSwimmingLiuba TaranF Lower leg & foot bittenBull shark
03-21-2011 MEXICO ,Quintana RooSwimmingAndrew MasternakM /46Right foot bitten
02-04-2011 MEXICO ,ColimaShark fishing on the Ricardo AstorgaPorfirio Lugo CamachoM Left foot bitten PROVOKED INCIDENT
01-31-2011 12h00MEXICO ,Quintana RooSwimmingNicole MooreF /38Leg, forearm & hand severely bitten6' shark
01-28-2011 MEXICO ,ColimaShark fishing on the Don Agustín-VI.C. Pedro Luis Beltrán CamargoM /25Left eg bitten PROVOKED INCIDENT
01-12-2011 MEXICO ,Quintana RooAttempting to fix motorJuan Miguel Infante RamírezM /37Bitten on leg and groin
07-26-2008 MEXICO ,Cabo San LucasSwimmingRyan SeacrestM /333 puncture wounds to toe2' shark
05-24-2008 Early morningMEXICO ,GuerroSurfingBruce GrimesM /49Lacerations to right forearm and hand3 m shark
05-23-2008 MEXICO ,GuerroSurfingOsvaldo Mata ValdovinosM /21FATAL2 m shark
04-28-2008 AfternoonMEXICO ,GuerroSurfingAdrian RuizM /24FATAL Severe bite to right thighTiger shark
04-18-2008 EveningMEXICO ,Quintana RooSwimmingJoram Galleros VillanuevaM /32Probable drowning with post-mortem bitesReported by media as shark attack, but shark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
06-20-2005 07h00MEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaSurfingFrank JohnsonM Left foot bitten
09-30-2001 Late morningMEXICO ,GuerreroBody surfingBrian LavelleM /26Hand injuredTiger shark, 1.8 m [6']
07-06-2001 EveningMEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaSurfingTim FabelM /42Foot bitten
08-14-1997 MEXICO ,Quintana RooSCUBA divingMike JonatisM /28FATALShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
08-14-1997 MEXICO ,Quintana RooSCUBA divingMac LupoldM /33FATAL, arm & leg severedTiger shark, 5.2 m [17']
06-11-1993 19h30MEXICO ,Quintana RooScuba divingMary EggemeyerF /42FATAL
05-01-1992 MEXICO ,Mexico / Caribbean SeaScuba diving & filmingNick CaloyianisM Fingers, hand & arm bitten
09-11-1984 17h50MEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaSpearfishingHarry IngramM No Injury, PROVOKED INCIDENT4.5 m to 5.5m white shark
08-22-1980 MEXICO Diving in tuna netGerald CorreriaM /22FATAL
04-01-1980 Early afternoonMEXICO ,SinaloaBody surfingKim GiambalvoF /13Right calf bittenTiger shark
01-01-1977 14h30MEXICO ,GuerreroSwimmingMexican maleM FATAL, left leg severed, neck cut
12-01-1973 Late afternoonMEXICO ,GuerreroSwimming alongside yacht Mexico FiestaAmerican maleM /20FATAL
09-09-1973 16h45MEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaFree diving, SpearfishingAl SchneppershoffM /37FATAL, leg bittenWhite shark
04-04-1973 18h00MEXICO ,GuerreroWadingJohn P.R. NichollsM /45FATAL, multiple bites
02-27-1973 MEXICO ,GuerreroSwimmingDr. Leo Ephraim Fischer /57FATAL, multiple bites
12-25-1972 AfternoonMEXICO ,GuerreroBody surfingGerald SoukoffM /17FATAL, hand severed, right leg and torso bitten
04-06-1971 11h00MEXICO ,GuerreroSurfingJimmy RoweM /19FATAL, left thigh bitten
01-10-1970 MEXICO ,GuerreroSwimmingJack KardellM /22Leg bitten
07-01-1968 AfternoonMEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaRobert SlatzerM /43No injuryNot authenticated
10-26-1967 MEXICO ,VeracruzSwimminga youth FATAL
02-06-1967 14h00MEXICO ,VeracruzThe shrimper Loless Maurine capsized in heavy seas & the men were swimming ashoreCarlos Humberto Mendez & Esteban RoblesM FATAL
09-08-1965 18h00MEXICO ,VeracruzMiguel Salas GonzalezM /23Leg & arm bitten300-kg [662-lb] shark
07-26-1965 17h00MEXICO ,VeracruzBathingHector Serfio Trillio JimenezM /25FATAL, both legs severed
06-09-1965 14h00MEXICO ,VeracruzSwimmingFather Miguel de Jesus Chavez, a Catholic priestM /38Right forearm severed, right leg bitten and surgically amputated
05-29-1965 12h00MEXICO ,VeracruzSwimmingIgnacio MillánM FATAL, left leg & right arm severed
05-28-1965 MEXICO ,VeracruzSwimmingFidel Garcia MonteroM FATAL, left arm & right leg severed
05-01-1965 MEXICO ,VeracruzSwimmingFather Jose de Jesus Gomez, a priestM /35Right arm severed, right leg bitten, not known if he survived
08-23-1964 14h00MEXICO ,GuerreroFloating on his back in an inner tubeThad T. MooreM /19Right thigh bitten1.8 to 2.4 m [6' to 8'] shark
10-25-1962 08h30MEXICO ,VeracruzWadingNicolas Jimenez Nunez, a Catholic priestM /32FATAL, both legs bitten2.7 m [9'] shark
09-22-1962 15h00MEXICO ,VeracruzSwimmingNestor ValenzuelaM /20Left arm severely bitten, surgically amputated
11-14-1961 MEXICO ,Guerrrero Bodies of hurricane victims bitten by shoals of sharks, post mortem scavengingShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
09-01-1959 MEXICO ,GuerrreroFrench womanF FATAL, leg severed, other leg lacerated
07-01-1959 A.M.MEXICO ,Quintana RooWadingLobster fishermen x 2M FATAL, legs bitten
06-14-1959 MEXICO ,GuyamasSwimming ashore from capsized boatFrancisco R. TopeteM FATAL
10-01-1958 MEXICO ,GuerrreroSlapped shark on tail as it swam bymaleM Shark turned & severed his leg PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-31-1958 07h15MEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaBoat stopped to repair electric pump16' cabin cruiser with 35 hp outboard motor Shark tried to bite prop twiceHammerhead shark, 5.2 m [17']
07-31-1958 MEXICO ,GuerreroSwimmingSuzanne DreufusF FATAL
01-01-1954 MEXICO ,Baja CaliforniaFree divingRosario BianciM FATAL