Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
08-18-2018 ITALY ,Chieti, ProvincePlayingmaleM /24Calf bitten
03-29-2015 ITALY ,SardiniaDivingEugenio MasalaM /43FATAL, but shark involvement prior to death unconfirmedShark involvement not cofirmed
06-10-2012 MorningITALY ,SardiniaAttempting to rescue an injured & beached sharkGiorgio ZaraM /57Lower left leg injured PROVOKED ACCIDENTBlue shark, 2.5m
08-20-2006 ITALY Sea Disastera refugeeM FATAL
08-03-2001 ITALY Fishingboat; occupants: T & G Longhi No Injury to occupants
09-24-1999 ITALY ,Adriatic SeaFishingBoat “Coca Cola” No Injury to occupantsSaid to involve a 7 m [23'] white shark
08-27-1998 ITALY ,Marches regionFishing30' cabin cruiser owned by Stefano Catalani No injury; no attack, shark ate the bait hanging over the side of the boatInvalid
07-30-1991 15h30ITALY ,Ligurian SeaCanoeingIvana IacacciaF /40No Injury to occupant; canoe bitten4 m [13'] white shark
06-06-1989 15h30ITALY ,TuscanyWindsurfing (urinating on his board)Ezio BocediM Upper right thigh bitten3 m [10'] white shark
02-02-1989 10h25ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaScuba diving, but swimming on surfaceLuciano CostanzoM /47FATAL. His body not recovered6 m [20'] white shark
08-22-1988 ITALY ,ManfredoniamaleM /16Survived
01-01-1987 ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaBoatAniello Mattera and Giorgio AlloriM No injuryWhite shark
12-03-1984 ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaBoat No injuryWhite shark
06-15-1983 ITALY ,Northwest ItalyScuba divingRoberto PiavialiM No injury, 3 m shark harassed him at depth of 5 mQuestionable incident
01-01-1982 ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaBoatGiovanni VuosoM No details6 m [20'] white shark
01-01-1982 ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaFishing on a boatGiuseppe CampodonicoM No injuryWhite shark
09-16-1978 11h00ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaDivingFabrizio MariniM No injuryWhite shark, 5 m [16.5']
06-07-1978 ITALY ,Golfo de Venezia No injury, white shark struck platformInvalid
06-02-1976 ITALY ,Reggio Calabria ProvinceFishingFrancisco PelleM /46Shark rammed boat PROVOKED INCIDENTBlue shark, 2m
04-25-1975 ITALY ,Genoa ProvinceScuba divingWalter SansoniM /37The press reported this as an attack by a white shark but the diver was the agressorInvalid
09-13-1967 ITALY ,Brindisi ProvinceScuba divingRomeo GuariniM /21Diver shot the shark, then it injured his arm and broke his leg with its tail. PROVOKED INCIDENT2 m shark
08-25-1967 ITALY ,LiguriaSpearfishing on ScubaGian Paolo Porta CasucciM Minor injuries to face & forearm
06-01-1967 ITALY ,SicilyFishing boatM No injury to occupants, harpooned shark sank boat PROVOKED INCIDENTWhite shark, 4 to 5 m [13' to 16.5']
08-13-1966 ITALY ,Taranto provinceAttacked shark with fistsCosimo PiccinniM /21Arm laceratedsmall shark
11-16-1963 ITALY ,SicilySpearfishingDr. SalitoM /28No injury
09-02-1962 10h20ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaSpearfishing with Scuba gearMaurizio SarraM /28FATAL, multiple injuries to both legsWhite shark
09-06-1961 ITALY ,Venice ProvinceFishingPollione Perrini & Fioravante PeriniM /33Left foot & right hand bitten by netted shark PROVOKED INCIDENT1 m shark
07-01-1961 14h00ITALY ,Adriatic SeaSpearfishingManfred GregorM /21Foot bittenWhite shark, 4.5 m
09-01-1956 ITALY ,Tyrrenian SeaScuba divingGoffredo LombardoM SurvivedWhite shark, 13'10, 1320-lb female
03-25-1956 ITALY ,Ligurian SeaBoating No detailsSaid to involve a 7 m [23'] white shark
07-27-1954 NightITALY ,Venice ProvinceFishing trawler Flavio Gioia10 crewM No injury to occupants. Shark tore nets & trawl and struck boat repeatedly5m shark
08-05-1952 02h00ITALY ,TeramoFishingVittorio Speca /19Multiple injuries PROVOKED INCIDENT2m shark
08-04-1952 ITALY ,Genoa ProvinceFishingFranco PodestaM /17Bitten by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT200-lb shark
09-29-1951 ITALY ,SalernoSwimmingAnna WurnF /21FATAL
09-03-1951 NightITALY ,Salerno ProvinceFishing for squidLuca CaputoM 3 fingers severed when he used his hand as bait
08-16-1951 ITALY ,TarantoDiving (Hookah)maleM No injury
05-09-1951 ITALY ,Naples Province 3 men knocked to ground by harpooned shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
05-01-1950 ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaFishing on a boatRemo AdrianiM No injuryunknown, possibly a white shark
01-01-1950 ITALY ,SavonaFishingmaleM Harpooned shark bit his forehead PROVOKED INCIDENT
08-17-1949 ITALY ,TuscanySwimmingDomenico MuroloM /17No injury2 m shark
08-10-1949 ITALY ,CalabriaSwimmingGiovanni PicarelliM /21Right hand severed
01-01-1944 ITALY ,Adriatic SeaB-24 aircraft crashed into the seamale, a member of the crewM FATAL
08-01-1943 ITALY ,40 miles south of NaplesFlying Fortress bomber aircraft went down after daytime raid on Naples. He was swimming on the surfaceLieutenant Robert D. Kurz (U.S.), co-pilotM Bitten on arms, hands & feet while awaiting rescue
07-06-1942 ITALY ,LiguriaScullingGino BardoliniM /20After he hit the shark with an oar, the shark bit the oar and overturned the boat PROVOKED INCIDENTPorbeagle shark
07-07-1937 ITALY ,Liguriarow boat: 2 occupants No injuryInvalid
08-27-1934 ITALY ,SicilyFishing on a boatM No injury to occupantsWhite shark, 4 m [13']
07-23-1926 11h00ITALY ,Golfo di Genova in the Ligurian SeaSwimmingAugusto CasellatoM /20FATAL, body was not recoveredSaid to involve 6 to 7 m [20' to 23'] white shark
08-26-1913 ITALY ,Trieste Human casualtiesShark involvement prior to death unconfirmed
01-01-1909 ITALY ,SicilyOn December 28, 1908, an earthquake, followed by tsunamis, destroyed coastal towns in Silcily and southern Italy, killing more than 100,000 people 3 unidentified bodies recovered (male, female & young girl) from gut of female 4.5 m [14'9] white shark caught in fishing net. They may have drowned in tidal wave following earthquakeShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
07-25-1905 ITALY boyM /8Body recovered from shark, probable drowning and scavengingShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
07-01-1904 ITALY ,Ancona ProvinceSwimmingM FATAL x 4. Afterwards metal mesh nets were installed
08-29-1902 ITALY ,CalabriaSwimmingmaleM FATAL
07-15-1902 ITALY ,LiguriaFishingmaleM Face & arms injured by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
07-17-1901 ITALY ,SyracuseSwimmingAntonio TornatoriM /20Disappeared, but shark involvement unconfirmedQuestionable
06-07-1899 ITALY ,CalabriaFishingEnrico & NoceM Multiple injuries from boated shark PROVOKED INCIDENT70 kg shark
05-04-1899 ITALY ,Imperia ProvinceBathingThe valet of the Earl of Strathmore and KinghorneM FATAL
09-22-1887 ITALY SwimmingJoseph WeissmantelM Leg injured
03-16-1877 ITALY ,Strait of MessinaPaddlingCaptain Paul BoytonM 3 ribs broken by shark's tail
09-01-1868 ITALY ,Adriatic SeamaleM FATALWhite shark
04-06-1738 ITALY ,SicilySwimmingmaleM FATAL
06-01-1721 ITALY ,SardiniaSwimmingmaleM FATAL, partial remains recovered from shark’s gutWhite shark, 1600-lb female
ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaDivingDante MatacchioneM No injuryWhite shark
ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaShipwreckmalesM Depicts shipwrecked sailors attacked by a shark/s
ITALY ,TuscanyWatercraftMr. BagoliniiM No injury, shark approached the boat, he hit it with and oar and fell into the sea PROVOKED INCIDENTSpecies unknown, possibly a white shark
ITALY ,Tyrrhenian SeaFishing, on a boatmaleM No injury to occupantWhite shark
ITALY ,LiguariaSpearfishingAldo CampiM /27Abdomen injured
ITALY ,SicilyFishing on a boatmaleM Non-FatalWhite sharks
ITALY ,SicilySnorkelingNeil MontoyaM /13Contusion of left foot3 m to 3.6 m [10' to 11'9] white shark
ITALY FishingM No injury13' shark
ITALY ,TuscanyScuba divingKarl Pollerer & Eric EisesenidM /34Probable drowing. Shark involvement unconfirmedShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed