Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
01-01-1985 IRAN FishingmaleM FATALBull shark
01-01-1971 IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceMr. NagibM Survived
01-01-1957 IRAN ,Karun RiverMr. FalahM SurvivedBull shark
01-01-1954 IRAN ,Karun RiverMr. Kasem JasemM FATALBull shark suspected due to freshwater habitat
04-01-1953 IRAN ,Karun RiverMr. KaabyM Arm severed1.5 m [5'] shark, probable bull shark
04-01-1953 IRAN ,Karun RiverSwimming in midriver near sewage outlet & 400 m from a slaughterhouseMr. Nasser SeemrookhM Right forearm severed at the elbow1.5 m [5'] shark, probable bull shark
07-28-1949 IRAN ,Shatt-al-Arab RiverSwimmingAliM /18FATAL, thigh lacerated, femur exposed
07-07-1949 IRAN ,Shatt-el-Arab RiverSwimmingR. Palmer, ship’s apprenticeM /18Right leg lacerated
12-14-1948 IRAN ,Shat-Al-Arab RiverAbdul Imam (male)M /19Left thumb severed
09-02-1948 IRAN ,Bandar Ma’shur sea inletBathing or washingRoghaiF /60FATAL, left arm & left buttock severed
08-19-1948 IRAN ,Shatt-al-Arab RiverAbdul HussainM /13FATAL, right arm severely bitten & surgically amputated, died 12 to 14 hours later
08-03-1948 IRAN ,Shatt-al-Arab RiverSwimmingIsmailM /15Quadriceps lacerated, femur exposed
05-10-1948 IRAN ,Shatt-al-Arab RiverFishing, shark caught in his netAliM /388 x 4 left antecubital fossa of muscle & skin removed PROVOKED INCIDENT
07-18-1946 IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceFishing, probably with a netKhodadad, (male)M /12Radius & ulna bared
07-18-1946 IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceSwimmingMehdiM /12Left Achilles tendon severed, calf muscles severely laceratedPossibly C. leucas
09-06-1945 IRAN ,Shatt-al-Arab RiverSwimmingHamidM /13Right forearm injured, mid-humeral amputation
01-01-1941 IRAN ,Khuzestan Provincea local dignitaryM FATAL
01-01-1941 IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceStandingI.S.A.C. Ambulance driverM FATAL
01-01-1941 Early morningIRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceStandinga old fishermanM FATAL
01-01-1941 IRAN ,Khuzestan Provincea Gurkha soldierM Survived, but suffered a “forequarter amputation”
01-01-1941 IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceSlipped off rocks and fell into the waterboyM /6FATAL, both arms bitten
IRAN ,Khuzestan Provincea local dignitaryM FATAL, femoral artery severed, died 12 days later
IRAN ,Karun RiverMr. Abbas Jasem (Mr. Kasem Jasem's son)M SurvivedBull shark suspected due to freshwater habitat
IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceFishing in ankle-deep wateran old fishermanM FATAL, foot lacerated & crushed
IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceStanding, washing rear wheels of his ambulance in ankle-deep waterI.A.S. C. driverM FATAL, fell into water when shark seized his right ankle, right leg bitten, left forearm & hand lacerated, all tissue stripped from right arm
IRAN ,Karun RivergirlF FATALBull shark suspected due to freshwater habitat
IRAN ,Khuzestan ProvinceMr. Jabar-KaabyM Foot severedBull shark