Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
07-01-2022 INDONESIA ,BaliSurfingSasha UtkinaF Lacerations to foot
01-09-2017 07h30INDONESIA ,BaliSurfingDaniel MooreM /48Injury to right wrist & forearmBull shark, 1 m
04-25-2016 07h00INDONESIA ,BaliSurfingRyan BoarmanM /24Elbow bittenBull shark, 6'
11-29-2011 13h30INDONESIA ,BaliSurfingMarc AndrewsM /18Lacerations to right hand
04-13-2011 MorningINDONESIA ,BaliSurfingJoe FerrarM Lacerations to forearmBull shark, 2.5 m
12-03-2010 INDONESIA ,BaliSurfingWei OngM Lacerations to right hand
11-14-2010 INDONESIA ,BaliSurfingmaleM Hand bitten
06-16-2002 INDONESIA Human remains (right forearm & leg) recovered from 3.7m [12'] tiger shark’s gut. Forensic examination suggested the remains had been consumed by the shark one to two weeks earlierShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
08-07-1984 INDONESIA Sea disaster, foundering of the cargo vessle M/V Dorolonda9 crewmenM FATAL
01-25-1966 INDONESIA ,North Sumatrawreck of the State Oil Company ship Permina Sharks said to have killed some of the 80 people lost
01-01-1942 INDONESIA ,East JavaCaptured Allied soldiers were squeezed into 3' bamboo pig baskets & fed to waiting sharks200 soldiersM General Imamura, Commander in Chief of Japanese forces in Java was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by Australian Military Court for his role in the Pig Basket Atrocities
05-13-1908 INDONESIA ,Javanative boats sunk in stormF FATAL
09-27-1906 INDONESIA ,JavaSwimmingWilliam MunichM Thumb & index finger of left hand severed
09-27-1906 INDONESIA ,JavaSwimminga Swedish sailorM FATAL
04-27-1906 INDONESIA ,Maluku ProvinceHard hat divingM FATAL
04-10-1906 INDONESIA The schooner Tahitienne foundered in a hurricaneCaptain Baxter & Dick CharesM FATAL x 2
07-10-1905 INDONESIA ,Nusa TenggaraJumped or fell overboarda fireman from the EttrickdaleM FATAL
03-29-1895 INDONESIA ,MoluccasSwimmingPindo Island piratesM FATAL
10-24-1878 INDONESIA ,East JavaSwimmingWilliam Jones OwenM /22FATAL15' shark
01-01-1864 16h00INDONESIA ,SumatraReaching for life preservermale, from the ship SpeedwellM FATAL
INDONESIA ,Jakarta HarbourBending overchildM /7FATALTiger shark, 3.7 m to 4.3 m [12' to 14']
INDONESIA ,30 nm from SingaporeThe 2379-ton French steamer La Seyne collied with British steamer Onda & sank in minutes. Passengers jumped overboard expecting to be picked up by Onda’s boats FATAL, 101 people perished, including commander, Joseph Couailhac. Iit was reported that a “shoal of sharks circled passengers in the water and dragged scores of people to their deaths” Of the 61 survivors, many were injured by sharks
INDONESIA ,Riau ProvinceSwimming near anchored shipa ship's engineerM FATAL, leg severed
INDONESIA ,East Flores9 fishermen & pregnant woman FATAL