Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
11-12-2003 INDIA ,Tamil NaduSwimming or surfingMark MoquinM /35Left index finger laceratedTiger shark?
09-10-1959 INDIA ,Orissa 5 fatalities, 30 injured6' shark
02-04-1955 INDIA ,Tamil NaduFishingNedugattanM /25Leg bitten
05-01-1952 INDIA Fishing, standing in water next to purse netRanji LalM Lower leg laceratedA 2' (0.6 m) brown shark
06-28-1946 INDIA BathingMurugesanM /14Serious injuries
02-18-1944 INDIA BathingmaleM /12FATAL
02-26-1939 INDIA ,Tamil NaduBathing/SwimmingHarold DickinsonM FATAL
05-02-1938 INDIA ,West BengalBathing 2 survived, 1 FATAL
11-15-1928 INDIA dhow, occupant Eugene WrightM /24No injury to occupants, shark bit keel
05-27-1928 13h00INDIA A.F.C. SmiotM No detailsShark involvement not confirmed
10-20-1893 INDIA ,Bay of BengalMurderA young pearl traderM FATAL
01-01-1890 INDIA ,Tamil NaduDivinga pearl diverM No details
10-03-1889 INDIA ,Tamil NaduSwimmingB, a young English officerM FATAL
07-13-1888 INDIA ,GujaratThe Dwarka foundered6 crewM FATAL, only 1 of her crew of 7 survived
01-01-1881 INDIA More than 20 persons severely bitten by sharks this year. Almost all were fatal
05-15-1880 11h00INDIA ,West BengalSutto Cumar Mukerjea, a.k.a. HabooM /20Left hand severed, arm & right calf injured
05-14-1880 INDIA ,West BengalBathing in rivera widowF /60Hands, forearm & left thigh lacerated, radial artery severed
05-02-1880 12h00INDIA ,West BengalBathing in riverSastiM FATAL, left forearm & hand bitten, brachial artery severed, died of secondary hemorrhage 11 days later
05-02-1880 10h00INDIA ,West BengalBathingN., a native boyM /11FATAL, right leg severed at mid-thigh, femur severed
12-24-1879 INDIA ,Andaman IslandsSwimmingKenneyM /23FATAL3 sharks
03-24-1871 INDIA ,22ºN, 88ºEBathingDenoM /30FATAL, left thigh & buttock bitten, died of pneumonia 7 weeks later
06-19-1870 INDIA ,22ºN, 88ºEBathingmale, a Hindu shopkeeperM /40Left arm bitten, developed gangrene, surgically amputated
06-01-1870 INDIA ,West BengalBathing / standingB., an Ooryah coolieM /40Right foot & leg bitten, surgically amputated
05-18-1870 INDIA ,22ºN, 88ºEBathingH.E.S., a Hindu traderM /394 irregular lacerated wounds on right arm
05-11-1870 INDIA ,22ºN, 88ºEBathingmale, a Hindu confectionerM /403 lacerated irregular wounds on anterior left thigh
05-13-1868 Before 10h30INDIA ,Hoogly RiverStandingmaleM /35FATAL, upper left thigh, groin & buttocks severely bitten, leg surgically amputated at the hipIdentified as C. gangeticus by Dr. J. Fayrer
01-01-1842 INDIA ,Tamil NaduWashed off catamaran in the surfmaleM /7FATAL
07-02-1830 EveningINDIA ,Tamil NaduWashing a dogmaleM FATAL
04-30-1830 17h00-18h00INDIA ,Tamil NaduBathingEnsign BromwickM FATAL
06-15-1817 EveningINDIA ,MaharashtraSwimmingCharles AndersonM FATAL
02-07-1808 INDIA BathingmaleM FATAL
04-13-1802 INDIA FATAL
01-01-1637 INDIA ,West BengalWadingHindu pilgrims
01-01-1617 INDIA ,West BengalIndian people
01-01-1595 INDIA ,KeralaShip lay at anchor & man was working on its ruddermaleM Leg severed mid-thigh, hand severed, arm above elbow and part of buttocks. Not known if he survived
INDIA ,Hoogly RiverIndianM Thigh severely bitten, femur exposed & grooved
INDIA maleM Cut to arm while roping shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
INDIA ,MaharashtramaleM FATAL
INDIA ,Orissa 5 people killed by sharks, 30 others injured1.5 m to 1.8 m [5' to 6'] sharks