Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
06-13-1995 HONG KONG ,Clearwater BaySwimmingWong Kwai-yungF /45FATAL, left leg & forearm severedThough to involve a tiger shark
06-02-1995 14h30HONG KONG ,New TerritoriesSwimmingHerman Lo Cheuk-YuetM /29FATAL, right thigh bitten, femur exposed1.8 m to 2.1 m [6' to 7'] shark
05-31-1995 HONG KONG ,New TerritoriesDivingTso Kam-Sun /44FATAL, right leg severed, left leg lacerated
06-11-1993 07h15HONG KONG ,New TerritoriesSwimmingKwong Kong-hingM /61FATAL
06-01-1993 HONG KONG ,New TerritoriesSwimmingYan Sai-wahM /42FATAL
06-29-1991 HONG KONG maleM /22FATAL
06-28-1991 HONG KONG ,Kowloon PeninsulaFishingmaleM FATAL, right arm severed
06-07-1991 Between 06h00 & 07h20HONG KONG ,Port ShelterSwimmingYeung Tam-ho (female)F /65Abdomen bitten & leg severed FATALTiger shark, >3 m [10']
08-28-1979 HONG KONG Freedom swimmingmaleM /21Leg severed, FATAL
08-26-1979 HONG KONG ,Ho Ha Wan Marine ParkmaleM /16FATAL
09-17-1976 HONG KONG ,South China Sea 200 miles from Hong Kong3,909-ton Panamanian freighter Chieh Lee sank in a typhoonM FATAL, right leg bitten
08-04-1975 HONG KONG ,Mirs BayFreedom swimmingmaleM /24Leg bitten, surgically amputated
08-23-1974 HONG KONG ,Mirs BayFreedom SwimmingmaleM /22Survived
08-16-1974 HONG KONG ,Mirs BayFreedom swimmingHo-Sin-Ming (male)M /19Arm broken & severely lacerated
08-16-1974 HONG KONG ,Mirs BayFreedom swimmingmaleM FATAL
08-16-1974 HONG KONG ,Mirs BayFreedom swimmingYee Wing Ping (male)M /18Left foot bitten
09-10-1973 HONG KONG ,Mirs BayFreedom SwimmingTsang Kai-shingM /20FATAL
06-13-1973 HONG KONG Freedom Swimming2 youthsM One man was killed by a shark, the other was injured
11-25-1971 Just before dawnHONG KONG ,Mirs BayFreedom SwimmingChan Sze-kingM /20Left leg severely bitten, surgically amputated
09-15-1954 HONG KONG SwimmingJames Cook, a seaman from HMS ComusM /20FATAL, leg severely bitten
06-01-1954 HONG KONG Bathing alongside shipNaval RatingM FATAL, thigh bitten
09-23-1945 shortly before duskHONG KONG BathingSargeant H.W. JacksonM FATAL
HONG KONG ,On the Kowloon penisula, south of Sai KungfemaleF Missing, believed taken by a shark
HONG KONG Playing volleyball with friendsfemaleF Both legs laceratedTiger shark said to be 5 to 7 m [16.5' to 23']