Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
05-23-2014 MorningFRANCE ,Wallis and FutunaScuba divingEric BarnabasM Lacerations to left thigh and hip3m shark
08-26-2013 20h30FRANCE ,Bay of BiscayLongline fishing for sharksRamon ArufeM /50Laceration to right arm from hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTMako shark, 5'
08-01-1986 FRANCE ,Gulf of Lyons Survived
01-01-1972 FRANCE ,AntibesSwimming Shoulder injuredWhite shark
06-24-1892 FRANCE ,BrittanyFishing boat No injury, no attackInvalid
12-08-1884 02h00FRANCE ,Côte d'AzurchildF FATAL Leg severed by harpooned shark PROVOKED INCIDENT10' shark
07-23-1874 FRANCE Fishing Shark and boat collided. No injury to occupants
09-18-1864 FRANCE ,Alpes MaritimeDragging a sharkfishermanM Knee bitten PROVOKED INCIDENT1.5 m shark
01-01-1767 FRANCE ,Côte d'AzurBathingSamuel MatthewsM Lacerations to arm & legDescription of shark does not ring true
FRANCE ,Nice & Marseillesmales (wearing armor)M Possibly white sharks
FRANCE ,ProvenceFishingla Badine, Hyères,M No injury1.8 m shark
FRANCE ,Côte d'AzurBathingseamanM Leg severedWhite shark