Shark Attacks in Ecuador

Ecuador, with its pristine beaches and vast marine diversity, is a prime destination for tourists seeking sun and surf. However, the balance between humans and nature can sometimes shift, leading to occasional shark attacks. We’re dedicated to keeping you informed. Our page provides weekly updates on shark attacks in Ecuador, ensuring both locals and visitors stay safe while enjoying the country’s coastal treasures. Stay updated, stay safe, and continue to explore the wonders of Ecuador’s marine world.Shark Attacks in Ecuador

Recent Shark Attacks in Ecuador

Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
07-04-2023 ECUADOR ,Galapagos IslandsSnorkelingDelia YriarteF /42Serious injury to right leg
07-03-2021 ECUADOR ,GalapagosDivingMaxime UrvoisM /31Single bite to right thighGalapagos shark
02-03-2018 ECUADOR ,Galapagos IslandsSnorkelingAndrew Phipps NewmanM /45Injuries to right footGalapagos shark?
11-20-2015 10h15ECUADOR ,Galapagos IslandsSnorkelingGraham HurleyM /55Lacerations to left calfGalapagos shark
05-14-2014 12h00ECUADOR ,Santa Cruz IslandSurfingIntriago DiegoM /29Superficial injury to left calfGalapagos shark
12-25-2011 18h00ECUADOR ,Santa ElenaSurfingFélix Júnior Lainez TrejosM /23Lacerations to left thigh and calf
01-10-2009 ECUADOR ,Galapagos IslandsSurfingGonzalo Vásquez AlcívarM /22Right lower leg bitten & defense wounds to hand
11-24-2008 ECUADOR ,Galapagos Islandsa Danish touristF Leg bitten
12-21-2007 ECUADOR ,Galapagos IslandsSurfingSam JuddM /24Lacerations & puncture wounds to left thigh3 m shark
01-27-1959 ECUADOR ,Galapagos IslandsWashed overboard into school of fishTheodore C. SwientyM /57Right leg & left foot laceratedBitten by several 1.8 m [6'] sharks
07-30-1954 ECUADOR ,Galapagos IslandsTuna fishing, standing on stern platform that was submerged by wavesCarl DibleM /344 lacerations on dorsum of right foot


Tourists in Ecuador can reduce the risk of shark encounters by adhering to local safety guidelines, avoiding swimming at dusk and dawn when sharks are typically most active, and staying informed about shark activity in the area. It’s also advisable to swim in designated areas and avoid remote locations known for shark sightings in Ecuador.


When compared to other countries, Ecuador experiences a relatively lower incidence of shark attacks. While the exact reasons for this are not entirely clear, it could be attributed to a variety of factors including local shark species and their behaviors, as well as effective safety measures put in place.


The government of Ecuador takes proactive measures in response to shark attacks. This includes implementing safety regulations, conducting research on shark behavior, and raising public awareness about shark safety.

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