Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
03-06-2023 14h20BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingKaylane Timóteo FreitasF /15Left arm severly injured
03-05-2023 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingmaleM /14Right thigh bitten resulting in surgical amputation
02-21-2023 16h30BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingAndré Luiz Gomes da SilvaM /32Injuries to left thih and calf
11-03-2021 BRAZIL ,São Paulo.SwimmingmaleM Laceration to lower right leg
07-25-2021 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSquatting in the waterEverton dos Reis GuimarãesM /32Lacerations to poster thigh and buttock
07-10-2021 13h50BRAZIL ,PernambucoWadingMarcelo Rocha SantosM /51FATAL
01-13-2021 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingSergo NoronhaM /52Puncture wounds to right hand
05-04-2019 BRAZIL ,Fernando de NoronhaFishingmaleM /12Cut to toe from hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTLemon shark pup
02-14-2019 17h30BRAZIL ,Fernando de NoronhaSurfingCarlos Vinícius de OliveiraM /31Minor injury to faceLemon shark
06-03-2018 Late afternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingJose Ernesto da SilvaM /18FATALTiger shark
04-15-2018 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingPablo de MeloM /34Multiple severe injuries to arms and leg, leg subsequently surgically amputated
04-10-2018 BRAZIL ,AlagoasFishingJosias PazM /56Injury to ankle from marine animal trapped in weir PROVOKED INCIDENT.Shark involvement not confirmed
02-11-2018 BRAZIL ,Boi Island, VictoriaCleaning fishRosalida SouzaF /46Lacerations to 4 toes of right footInjury believed caused by an eel, not a shark
01-12-2018 Late afternoonBRAZIL ,Fernando de NoronhaSurfingRicardo Ferrari BulhoesM /20Minor injury to left forearmsmall shark
02-06-2017 AfternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoGrabbing shark for a selfiefemaleF Minor injury to finger, PROVOKED INCIDENTLemon shark pup
01-24-2017 13h20BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingArthur AndradeM /21Minor laceration to ring finger
03-02-2016 BRAZIL ,Santa Catarina StateSwimmingRafael Hermes ThomasM /41Minor injury to headSandtiger shark
02-02-2016 BRAZIL ,Balneário CamboriúSwimmingRafael Hermes ThomasM /41Lacerations to scalpSandtiger shark
12-21-2015 BRAZIL ,PernambucoScuba divingMárcio de Castro PalmaM /32Right hand & part of forearm removedTiger shark, 1.5 m
03-31-2015 11h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingDiego Gomes MotaM /23Injury to left thigh from unidentified species of fish; injuries inconsistent with shark biteNo shark involvement
06-09-2014 BRAZIL FishingSunarkoM /43Severe injury to arm
07-22-2013 13h20BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingBruna Silva GobbiF /18FATAL
05-23-2013 BRAZIL ,PernambucoJosé Rogério da SilvaM /41FATAL
08-26-2012 AfternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingTiago José de Oliveira da SilvaM /18FATAL
11-12-2011 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingJerônimo Pereira da PazM /35Legs bitten
07-31-2011 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingGabriel Alves dos SantosM /14Cause of death may have been drowning; remains scavenged by sharksShark involvement prior to death not confirmed
06-29-2011 10h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingMalisson LimaM /21Lacerations to right thigh
01-31-2010 BRAZIL ,Rio Grande Do SulSurfingAndrei JohannM /29Foot bittenThought to involve a juvenile hammerhead shark
09-13-2009 BRAZIL ,PernambucoMaurício da Silva MonteiroM /34Cause of death was drowning; his remains were scavenged by sharks
09-07-2009 AfternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimming, attempting to rescue a girl believed to be drowningGeovanni Tiago BarbosaM /15FATAL
01-26-2009 BRAZIL Luciano Guimaraes dos SantosM /17Probable drowning with post-mortem bitesShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
01-23-2009 BRAZIL ,MaranhãoSwimmingLuciano Guimarães dos SantosM /17Drowned, body scavenged by sharkInvalid
06-24-2008 MorningBRAZIL ,BahiaSurfingRicardo Garcia Santo SéM No injury, board bitten
06-11-2008 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingJuan Rodrigues GalvaoM /14Laceration to left leg & foot
06-01-2008 15h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingWellington dos SantosM /14Hand severed, buttocks bittenBull shark
12-07-2007 BRAZIL ,PernambucoRemoving fish from a trapMalvis Cristino de SouzaM /2820 cm injury to left foot2.27 m shark
09-03-2006 13h00BRAZIL Darlan dos Santos LuzM /20FATAL
08-22-2006 BRAZIL ,PernambucoTatiano Silva de MeloM /17Shark bites may have been post mortemShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
07-10-2006 BRAZIL ,PernambucoUnidentifiedM FATALBull or tiger shark
06-18-2006 09h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoBody boardingHumberto Pessoa BatistaM /27Left thigh bitten FATAL
05-21-2006 11h30BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingRogério Antônio de CarvalhoM /33Injuries to left thigh, calf & foot
04-09-2006 AfternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingJosé Ivair PereiraM /35Left leg bittenTiger shark
02-04-2005 BRAZIL ,BahiaSurfingAntonio de Carvalho Miguel PereiraM /12Right thigh & ankle injured
09-08-2004 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingUnidentified FATAL
08-21-2004 13h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoBathingWagner da SilvaM /24Calf bitten & both hands injuredTiger shark, 1.5 m
05-23-2004 14h30BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingWalmir Pereira da SilvaM /17Left hand, foot severed & left calf & arm bittenBull shark
05-22-2004 16h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoWadingNaiane Barbosa BringelF /24Hips & thighs bitten
05-01-2004 AfternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingOrlando Oscar da SilvaM /22FATAL
03-29-2004 07h30BRAZIL ,PernambucoBody boardingAlcindo de Souza Leão JúniorM /22Lower left leg bitten, surgically amputatedbull shark
02-29-2004 15h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingEdimilson Henrique dos SantosM /29FATAL, right thigh & hip bitten
06-24-2003 BRAZIL ,PernambucoMoses Nunes de Albuquerque JuniorM FATAL
04-26-2003 BRAZIL ,Rio de JaneiroKilling sharksmaleM Shallow lacerations to left thigh PROVOKED INCIDENT
04-25-2003 18h30BRAZIL ,Rio de JaneiroSwimmingFelipe Tavares MarinhoM /16Bitten on finger
04-23-2003 17h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingTiago Augusto da Silva MachadoM /17Hand & foot lacerated, lower left leg severely bitten, necessitating surgical amputationBull shark
04-23-2003 BRAZIL ,Rio de JaneiroSwimmingmaleM /7Right hand lacerated
12-01-2002 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingAylson GadelhaM /19FATAL
10-14-2002 16h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingLuis Soares de ArrudaM /36FATAL, body not recoveredPossibly a bull shark or tiger shark
09-16-2002 15h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingFabrício José de CarvalhoM /19Left thigh bitten, leg surgically amputatedBull or tiger shark
07-10-2002 15h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingMário César Carneiro da SilvaM /22Right hand severedBull or tiger shark
05-10-2002 17h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingPaulo Fernandes Alves FerreiraM /40Leg injured
03-24-2002 17h00BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingFábio Fernandes SilvaM /16Severe kacerations, FATAL
01-03-2002 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingUnidentified FATAL
03-08-2001 BRAZIL ,BahiaAttempting to catch a crocodileV.A.F.M /12Lacerations below the kneeShark involvement not confirmed
03-03-2001 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSwimmingCarlo Alberto BrasileiroM /20FATAL
12-26-1999 BRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingAlton Cicero da SilvaM /18Leg bitten, surgically amputatedThought to involve a white, bull or tiger shark
12-06-1999 09h30BRAZIL ,Rio de JaneiroSpearfishingFrederico Nóbrega (aka Derico)M /39Lateral right thigh bitten. Thought to involve a 1.2 to 1.5 m tubarão da gralha preta - a blacktip shark, C. limbatusShark involvement not confirmed
11-06-1999 10h30BRAZIL ,Rio de JaneiroSpearfishing, but swimming at surfacemaleM /39Upper right thigh bitten1.3 to 1.6 m shark
05-01-1999 AfternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingCharles Heitor Barbosa PiresM /21Leg & hands bittenTiger shark, 2.5 m [8.25']
03-18-1999 BRAZIL ,Rio Grande de NorteScientific research (Dr. Sonny Gruber's student)Dan CartamilM Grabbed small shark & it bit him PROVOKED INCIDENT
11-02-1998 Late afternoonBRAZIL ,PernambucoSurfingClaudio Roberto Florencio de FreitasM /22FATAL, left forearm severedThough to involve a white shark