Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
07-27-1989 BERMUDA Scuba divingRussian maleM /35FATALShark involvement suspected but not confirmed
03-08-1981 BERMUDA Foundering of the Israeli freighter Mezada Next day 2 bodies recovered from sharks
01-01-1975 BERMUDA SpearfishingGeeteh ToussaintM /25Laceration to right ankle8' blue shark
08-15-1967 16h00BERMUDA ,HamiltonFloatingSue FergusonF /19Right foot abraded & lacerated
07-02-1965 BERMUDA ,Hamilton12' boat Sio Ag, occupant: John Riding No injury to occupant, shark bit boat
06-29-1964 BERMUDA ,HamiltonConducting a promotional film project for the Gemini space program (a practice astronaut recovery)2 USAF 4-engine planes (an HC-54 & a HC-97) each with 12 onboard collided in mid-air at low altitude and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean 7 rescued, 7 bodies recovered, 10 missing. Many sharks in crash area.
08-04-1961 11h00BERMUDA SpearfishingRobert SatoM /22Right hand laceratedBlacktip shark, 1.8 m to 2.1 m [6' to 7']
05-24-1960 15h00BERMUDA ,PagetFree diving but treading water at surfaceLouis GoiranM /25Foot bittenDusky shark, 2.7 m [9'] dusky shark C. obscurus identified by S. Springer on tooth recovered
04-14-1960 09h00 - 09h30BERMUDA ,33N, 68WFloating on a raftCrew of aircraft: McGreevy, Beakley, Rosenthal, Ryan & HodgeM /21No injury, 5 sharks bumped raftQuestionable incident
09-27-1959 BERMUDA ,HamiltonDorothy Barbara RawlinsonF /29Murdered, body scavenged by sharksShark involvement prior to death was not confirmed
07-03-1954 BERMUDA ,South shoreSwimmingSub-Lieut. Edwin Michael Marks, of H.M.S. SheffieldM /22Left thigh bitten, chest lacerated & defense wounds on foot, fingers and hands2.4 m [8'] shark, possibly a dusky shark
10-08-1934 NightBERMUDA ,HamiltonFishingMcCallanM Arm bitten by hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENT
09-08-1934 BERMUDA ,HamiltonFishingCaptain Earnest Gibbons, skipper of the cruiser CupidM Right foot bitten by shark caught & taken onboard by Mrs. Tucker North PROVOKED INCIDENT1.5 m [5'] shark
10-23-1926 01h30BERMUDA British patrol boat 1250-ton HMS Valerian foundered in a hurricane Of 104 people in the water, only 20 survived. 84 people were lost, many to sharks. Sharks 2 pulled crew off life rafts
BERMUDA ,PagetSpearfishingRoss DoeM Shoulder abraded by skin of shark