Shark Attacks in Algeria

Algeria, with its picturesque Mediterranean coast, beckons tourists year-round, promising sun-soaked beaches and rich marine life. However, a growing concern is the rising reports of shark attacks. As a dedication to public safety and awareness, this page offers weekly updates on shark attacks in Algeria. While the majority of beachgoers enjoy trouble-free experiences, understanding shark-human interactions becomes paramount for both tourism and conservation. Stay informed, stay safe.Shark Attacks in Algeria

Recent Shark Attacks in Algeria

Date / TimeCountry / AreaActivityNameSex / AgeInjurySpecies
01-01-1844 ALGERIA SwimmingmaleM FATAL


The beaches in Algeria that have reported the most shark attacks are chiefly along the Oran and Annaba coastlines. These particular areas in Algeria are noted for heightened shark activity, thus warranting extra caution for beach goers.


Currently, Algeria has not widely implemented shark nets or barriers on its beaches. However, efforts are ongoing to enhance safety measures and possibly introduce such protective installations in the future.


In Algeria, the occurrence of shark attacks can be influenced by various factors including the time of year. Typically, the warmer months, when the water temperatures rise, tend to see a surge in shark activity as they are most active and hunting for food during this period. Therefore, it’s advisable to exercise additional caution during these months while swimming or diving in Algerian waters.

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