Best Type of Sharks For A Home Aquarium

You’ve likely heard about “cat people” and “dog people.” In essence, these are people who own cats and dogs, respectably. In fact, the lowest and most general statistics say that there are over 176 million dogs and about 105 million cats living with owners worldwide; that’s a lot of kitty litter! However, cats and dogs are not the only animals that people choose to share their home with. There are birds and rabbits, gerbils and mice, ferrets and turtles, snakes and alligators, and fish, of course.

Fish People; Shark People?!?

You could call most fish owners “fish people” because when they set up a tank, they go for the gusto! There are many different types of fish that one can put into a home aquarium (from fancy goldfish to purple tang) that can create an underwater vision. Fish owners take pride in their pretty swimmers. Many say that watching a fish swim around in its tank can be a very relaxing and peaceful event.

So; are there “shark people” out there? The answer is yes, and if you happen to visit this website regularly, you’re probably one of them! Though some people are afraid of sharks, and others are indifferent, there are plenty of people who recognize the beauty and complexity of a shark and they just can’t get enough of them. So if you’re a shark person, how do you get your fill without living near an ocean? The answer might surprise you.

Bringing It Home

Just as people bring cats and dogs into their home, the same can be done with some types of sharks. As long as you set up your home aquarium properly to ensure that they have plenty of room to swim, you can live in relative harmony with the newest member of your family. The coolest thing about sharks is that they are very independent and smart. They can take care of themselves easily and are very intriguing to watch. And besides; how cool would it be to tell people that you own a shark?

What You See Isn’t Always What You Should Get

Despite the fact that you can purchase a large variety of different types of sharks, it doesn’t mean you should. Not all species are good for aquarium life, so you need to discover what ones need to stay in the sea, and what ones will be comfortable and adapt to their new home. When choosing the right type of shark for your home, you want to stick with the smaller species rather than the larger ones. When browsing, you might see a baby Hammerhead or a Blacktip Reef Shark for sale, but these should be avoided. Large sharks can grow up to 2 feet (60 cm) each year and you will end up needing to get a bigger aquarium to house them. Plus, large sharks might not have the best temperament in captivity. And though the Nurse Shark, known for his mild temperament, can be found in larger public aquariums, it’s still not the best option for your home as they can grow as long as 15 feet (4.5 meters)! As with any pet you choose, safety for you and your family should be the first priority. Plus, with a lifespan of 25 to 35 years, you’ll need to know that you can care for your pet no matter what happens in the future.

The Best Sharks That Make The Best Pets

Part of being a responsible owner is being responsible when picking the right pet to own, so if you really want to purchase the best sharks for the home environment, consider one of these saltwater beauties:


This is a member of the carpet shark family and you will see this by the carpet markings on his body. Getting the right species of Wobbegong is a must as some species can get as big as 10 feet (3.04 meters) in length. Look for the tasseled or Ward’s Wobbegong to ensure that your pet stays small enough to handle. The Wobbegong has a very slow metabolism, meaning that he only needs to eat twice a week and his exercise consists of hanging out at the bottom of his tank.

Bamboo Shark

This is a smaller shark that includes seven different species. They typically get along really get along with other fish, but they have voracious appetites and might make a snack out of someone who looks like a tasty morsel. Feeding this type of shark a few times a day will keep her happy, but she is a bit more active than the Wobbegong, so a larger tank is a must so she can swim to her heart’s content.


Most people who are shark owners own this type of shark. It would easily win any popularity contest due to slim and fast-moving body and 2 handsome spots above his pectoral fins. Epaulettes love small spaces and confinement as it makes them feel safe. They love to bottom-feed on the sandy aquarium floor, but do not need to eat often as they like to fast for a few weeks and then feast.

These are saltwater sharks for saltwater tanks, so be sure that you don’t put them into freshwater. Though there are plenty of freshwater sharks out there, most of them are actually members of the Cyprinid family, which includes minnows, barbs, danios, and rasboras.

We hope that you pick the perfect type of shark for you and your family as they are truly a wonder to behold. As with anything you plan to invest in, be sure to do plenty of research before you bring your shark home. Knowledge is power!

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