Argentine Angelshark

The Argentine angelshark is a South American angelshark that looks like a ray or a skate.

Argentine Angelshark Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Squatiniformes
Family Squatinidae
Genus Squatina
Scientific Name S. argentina


This shark is similar in appearance to rays, having a flat body with large, broad pectoral fins. It has a dark purple-brown color dorsally with dark brown spots.

Where do they live

Map Of The Argentine Angelshark’s Habitat

Argentine Angelshark Habitat Map

It lives in the southwest Atlantic, from southern Brazil to Patagonia.



Like other angelsharks, the Argentine angelshark is believed to be an ambush predator – lying motionless until potential prey swims by. It will then deliver a quick upward bite to consume its target.

Their diet consists of demersal fish, shrimp, and squid.


Very little remains known about the reproductive behavior of this shark, but it is assumed to give live birth to a litter of 7-11 pups.

Interactions with humans

A bite from these sharks can be painful. The IUCN lists the Argentine angelshark as “Critically Endangered” or “CR”.

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