5 Interesting Locations That Different Types Of Sharks Have Been Found

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We all know that different types of sharks live in different environments, but did you know that sometimes these magnificent creatures find their way into some interesting places? Some species prefer shallow waters, while others swim in the darkest depths. For instance, the majority of Goblin Sharks that have been spotted off of the coast of Japan have been at depths of around 200 ft to 920 ft (60 m to 280 m). Meanwhile, Tiger Sharks prefer a more tropical climate and can be continually spotted in the Caribbean.

Although these different types of shark species prefer certain locations, many of them find their ways into areas that humans would not have thought remotely possible. Sharks are known to be in the ocean, around coral reefs, and even around beaches, but to the surprise of some unsuspecting humans, sharks have turned up in some strange places.

5 Interesting Places

5) Lake Michigan

Bull Sharks have been found in fresh water. In fact, researchers have concluded that this species can spend part of their lifetime in fresh water. When people think of sharks, they often think of only the ocean, or only salt water, but sharks can possibly be found closer to home than you think. Bull Sharks, unlike other species, can swim up stream in rivers rather easily. For instance, if a Great White Shark were to attempt this feat, they would die because they can not regulate their salt intake. In 1955, there was a shark attack reported in Lake Michigan. Many individuals thought the incident may have been an urban legend, however, more recent sightings in Minnesota and Wisconsin add credibility to the story.

4) Illinois

I know exactly what you are thinking. You are thinking that these places are too far from the ocean for sharks to get to. Well, think again. In 2004, scientists discovered the remains of an ancient shark nursery. This at least proves that sharks were in the area at one time or another. These sharks were likely prehistoric species, but there have also been reports of other sharks in the area. Pulaski County is located in Illinois, and a report of a shark being left behind on a boat ramp also supports claims of different types of sharks being present in the area. When diving or swimming, even in freshwater, it is important to be aware of your surroundings.

3) Lake Nicaragua

This is a freshwater lake, located in Nicaragua, which is also the largest lake in Central America. At first, scientists believed that this species was unique, and specific to the area. However, in the 1960’s, research discovered that the species was similar to the Bull Shark. These sharks jump the rapids of the San Juan river, much like a salmon, to enter the lake. The river connects Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean, and these amazing creatures have adapted to their surroundings, which has resulted in them reaching the lake.

2) Kavachi

Kavachi is one of the most active underwater volcanos in the Pacific Ocean. Of course, this destination can not be seen by the naked eye, but it is still interesting to find different types of sharks living inside an active volcano. Scientists have observed spotted Hammerhead Sharks, as well as silky sharks in the hot, acidic waters in and around Kavachi. As humans, we realize that if something is dangerous, stay away from it. These sharks can not survive inside the volcano during an eruption, so the question is, what would possess them to be there. This is another one of the great mysteries surrounding different types of shark species, but with more research each, and everyday, perhaps these mysteries can become solved.

1) Brisbane’s Carbrook Golf Club

Located in Australia, Carbrook Golf Club has Bull Sharks residing in one of the lakes. Take the penalty, and do not attempt to play it where it lies. It has become a normal occurrence to see a dorsal fin protruding from the water. A nearby river broke its banks, allowing the Bull Sharks to gain access to the lake. As the flood waters began to subside, the fish became stranded. Although they are isolated within this location, they are thriving. Reports have stated that there are six sharks in total. They range from 8-10 ft. in length (2.4-3.04 m), and they have even commenced breeding. A shark-infested lake, in the middle of a golf course, is perhaps the most interesting place that sharks have turned up, which is why this location is number one on the list.

Conservation Helps Unravel The Mysteries Surrounding Sharks

Through conservation techniques, and proper research, the mysteries surrounding these majestic creatures can perhaps be unraveled. People should not be scared of sharks, rather they should be aware of the power that they possess, and marvel in their beauty. Many areas have shark sanctuaries in place to protect these different types of sharks, but more can, and still needs to be done. Knowledge, and communicating the positive traits of these fish is key to their survival.

What can you do? Simply start up a conversation on social media about a shark fact that interests you. Movies, and media have given negative stereotypes to all sharks, but through the power of communication, we can change that. There are many platforms available to support the cause. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and many other social platforms are readily available to spread interesting, unique, and good traits about sharks. After reading something interesting about conservation, unique locations, or just shark information in general, simply click one of the social platform buttons to spread the news. In doing so, you will help the effort to change the negative stereotypes surrounding different types of sharks.

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