White Pointer Shark

The White Pointer Shark, also known as the Great White shark, is probably the most recognizable shark species throughout the world. This is most likely due to the countless movies made about these fish, where they are usually trying to attack our group of heroes. As a result, many humans are afraid to come anywhere near these predators of the sea, but who can blame them? These sharks are simply terrifying to look at. They have rows of serrated teeth, along with a massive physique that looks to overwhelm its opponent.

White Pointer Shark

While many people fear these apex predators of the sea, Great White Sharks are often misunderstood. They may be dangerous and scary to be around, but these fish play a pivotal role in our ecosystem, and do more good for this planet than bad.

That’s why our team at Shark Sider is here! Our group of shark lovers and marine biologists are dedicated to spreading information regarding various shark species and their roles in the environment. As more and more shark species are becoming endangered due to overfishing and bycatch, it’s more imperative than ever that people understand just how fascinating and important Great White Sharks, as well as other shark species, are to this world. Let’s go over some important information regarding the White Pointer Shark.

They Can Be Found Throughout The Globe!

Map Of The White Pointer Shark’s Habitat

White Pointer Shark Habitat Map

The White Pointer Shark, or Great White Shark, is known to have one of the widest geographic ranges of any marine creature. What does that mean exactly? In over words, the Great White Shark can be found in many areas of the world! They can be found in all cold, temperate, and tropical waters in-between 60ºN latitude to 60ºS latitude. That’s an incredible range to cover!

While they were thought to be primarily found along the coast, recent studies of White Pointer Sharks show that these apex predators will travel great distances in order to hunt for their desired food source. For example, great whites along the central California coast can be found hunting near elephant seal haul out areas from October to March.

White Pointer Shark image

Feeding Methods

A White Pointer Shark will usually feed on various species of seals and sea lions as their main source of food. Recent studies have shown how these sharks hunt for their prey. It’s truly incredible!

The research found suggests that these sharks hunt for their prey with visual cues. Using their dark dorsal fin colors, the White Pointer Shark will blend in with the rocky ocean floor bottoms, and watch as unsuspecting seals hover above them on the ocean’s surface. When it’s time to feed, the shark will accelerate quickly to the surface and ram into their prey, instantly stunning them. At the same time, the White Pointer Shark will take a bite of its meal, and return later to feed on the carcass.

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Hopefully, this information gives you a better idea about White Pointer Sharks. There are even more facts about these sharks, as well as other shark species at our website. If you’re a shark lover, or just find Great White Sharks interesting, please browse the rest of our website and support the cause today!

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