Weirdest Shark In The World Caught On Camera!


Yes, the amazing video that you just watched above is entirely authentic and 100% real. It may not even look like a shark to you but that video was a very rare sighting of the incredible Frilled Shark. This deep sea dweller has hardly ever been seen by anyone before, so the fact that this was caught on camera is nothing short of incredible.

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Why Was This Shark In Such Shallow Water?

The Frilled Shark is a deep sea dweller and is known to live at depths of thousands and even tens of thousands of feet deep. Many would wonder what this shark was doing in such shallow water. Of the very few frilled shark sightings that have happened around the globe the vast majority of the sightings were of frilled sharks who were in very poor health. Judging by the above video, it also appears that this frilled shark which was caught on camera was also in poor health. The theory is that when Frilled Sharks are in poor health they may rise closer to the surface for reasons that are still unknown. It might be that they are unable to withstand the pressure at the ocean floor as their health deteriorates, or perhaps they are looking for a very specific food source as a remedy to their health issues. The truth is, we really don’t know and this is all speculation.

Why Was This Shark Removed From The Ocean?

This video has stirred up a little bit of controversy as people do not think this prehistoric shark should have ever been removed from the ocean. As seen in the above video, this shark unfortunately died after it was removed from its habitat. The argument can be made that the shark should have never been removed, however, there were some good reasons for removing this shark.

For starters, it is very unlikely that this shark would have survived anyway as it was so close to the surface of the water. It is very apparent that this frugal shark was not in good health and was likely going to die. Second, it is extremely rare that we have the opportunity to study a shark like this. Being able to study this frilled shark could lead to the ability to help save sharks in the future through what we learn from the valuable research and studies that we can perform. While we don’t know the specific efforts that were taken to say that this sharks life, we do hope that all efforts were taken to ensure that this shark was able to survive. With that said, it is very unlikely that a shark such as this one would be able to survive outside of its natural habitat. At this point, there really is no way to replicate the natural habitat of the frilled shark.

So what do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think this shark should have been removed from the ocean? Or perhaps there were some other ways that we could have studied this shark and prolonged its life without removing the shark from the ocean. Let us know your thoughts in the commenting section below!

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