Top 10 Rarest Seashells

For those passionate about collecting seashells, there is a great deal of joy to be found in discovering and identifying individual species. While most beachcombers are familiar with the more common shoreline shells like whelks, cockles, and moon snails, the true connoisseur will seek out rarer specimens. Here we present an overview of the top 10 rarest seashells currently known – highlighting their unique aesthetics while providing insights into what makes them so exceptional among beachcombers around the world. Read on to learn more!

Top 10 Rarest Seashells

What are seashells?

Seashells are the shells of mollusks, which are a type of marine invertebrate. They come in an extraordinary variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – from spiral-shaped conch shells to fan-like scallop shells. As mollusks live their lives underwater, many seashells can only be found in shallow coastal areas or even further out at sea. This means that beachcombers have to be alert and determined if they want to find some of the rarest specimens!

The rarest seashells in the world

The Allonautilus Scrobiculatus

Allonautilus Scrobiculatus

This shell is one of the rarest in existence due to its extremely limited habitat range – it can only be found in the waters around Papua New Guinea. It is predominantly white, with brown stripes and a distinctive circular pattern on its upper surface. Its rarity has made it highly sought-after among collectors, with shells fetching thousands of dollars at auction!

The Neptune’s Cup

This beautiful shell is also known as Neptune’s Wine Glass due to its delicate cup shape. It comes in various shades of cream or peach and is incredibly rare. Neptune’s Cups have been collected by divers all over the world, but they are particularly difficult to find in shallow coastal areas.

The Sunrise Tellin

Sunrise Tellin

This remarkable shell is one of the most colorful seashells known to man – with an array of dazzling hues that range from deep purple to bright yellow. Sunrise Tellins are only found in the tropical regions surrounding Australia, so they are extremely rare outside of this area.

The Flamingo Tongue

Flamingo Tongue

This eye-catching shell is as stunning as it is elusive – with its vibrant pink and white stripes that resemble a flamingo’s tongue! Flamingo Tongues can be found throughout the Caribbean, but their rarity makes them highly sought-after by beachcombers.

The Abalone

Abalone seashell

This iconic shell comes in various shades of green, blue and purple, with distinctive ridges running along its surface. Abalones are typically found on rocky shores or intertidal zones, and their shells are often used to make beautiful jewelry pieces.

The Harp Shell

Harp Shell

This unusual shell takes its name from the distinct harp-like pattern running down its center. While it is relatively common in some areas, the Harp Shell remains a rare find for beachcombers in search of unique shells.

The Wentletrap


This shell is one of the most popular among collectors, due to its ornate ribbed pattern and stunning range of colors. Wentletraps are often found in shallow waters around the world, but their beauty and rarity make them highly sought-after by beachcombers.

The Oliva Shell

Oliva Shell

This shell is known for its distinct spiral shape and richly-colored bands. Olivas are typically found in the shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific region, and they are highly prized by collectors for their beauty and rarity.

The Spiny Jewel Box

Spiny Jewel Box

This remarkable shell is covered in tiny black spines that give it a unique texture. It can be found in the shallow waters of the Caribbean and its distinctive shape and spines make it highly sought-after by beachcombers.

The Voluta Shell

Voluta Shell

This stunning shell has been coveted for centuries due to its beautiful colors and intricate patterns. It typically has a dark base color, with yellow or cream-colored stripes running across its surface. Voluta shells can be found in the waters surrounding New Zealand, making them incredibly rare outside of this area.


Collecting seashells is an intriguing hobby that can reveal the wonders of the natural world. From the Allonautilus Scrobiculatus to the Flamingo Tongue, the top 10 rarest seashells provide an opportunity to appreciate some of nature’s most extraordinary creations, while adding something truly exceptional to your collection as a beachcomber.

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