Sharks in Algeria

The Algerian Basin is home to several endemic and migratory shark species. This includes the blue shark, the shortfin mako shark, and even the fearsome great white shark. However, shark attacks on the Algerian coast are rare and almost a non-occurrence.

List of the Different Types of Sharks in Algeria

Species Maximum Size Aggressiveness
Angular Roughshark 3.3-4.9 feet Not aggressive
Basking Shark 23-30 feet Not aggressive
Bignose Shark 8.5-9.5 feet Highly aggressive (but not dangerous since they are less encountered)
Blacktip Shark 5-8 feet Moderately aggressive
Blacktip Reef Shark 3-4 feet Moderately aggressive (if provoked)
Bluntnose Six-gill Shark 15-20 feet Moderately aggressive (rarely targets humans, reports of just one provoked attack)
Bramble Shark 9.2-10 feet Not aggressive
Dusky Shark 9 -12 feet Not aggressive (until provoked)
Great Hammerhead Shark 15-20 feet Highly aggressive
Great White Shark 11-16 feet Highly aggressive
Gulper Shark 2.5-3 feet Not aggressive
Kitefin Shark 3-5 feet Not aggressive
Porbeagle Shark 6-12 feet Not aggressive
Sand Tiger Shark 7-10 feet Not aggressive (due to their small mouths)
Sandbar Shark 5.5-8.5 feet Not aggressive
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark 9-12 feet Moderately aggressive
Sharpnose Sevengill Shark 2-4.6 feet Moderately aggressive
Shortfin Mako Shark 6.5-9.5 feet Highly aggressive
Spinner Shark 7 -8 feet Not aggressive
Velvet Belly Lanternshark 1-2 feet Not aggressive



As Algeria is not a well-established tourist spot, there aren’t many diving centers equipped to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. But on the other hand, most dive sites tend to be empty so that one can observe the marine wildlife, including sharks, mostly undisturbed.


There was only one recorded shark attack in Algeria back in 1844. Unfortunately, it was a fatal one.

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