Sharks in Idaho

Idaho has just a handful of sharks, all in captivity, in the Aquarium of Boise in Boise City. The East Idaho Aquarium in the Idaho Falls area also has a few small shark species. The extinct Helicoprion or the buzzsaw shark had made its presence felt in several US states, Idaho being one of them. It had swum along the waters of the area presently known as Eastern Idaho. Miners also detected the fossils of the shark’s jaw, teeth, and skin in the Soda Springs area in 1950. The Idaho Museum of Natural History houses fossils of this unique shark species.

List of the Different Types of Sharks in Idaho

Species Maximum Size Aggressiveness
Black Fin Reef Shark 5.5-6.5 feet Not aggressive
White Spotted Bamboo Shark 2-3 feet Not aggressive
Arabian Carpetshark 2-3 feet Not aggressive

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