Meet The Shark Experts

Sharks themselves are the stars of the show here at The Shark Side of Life. We have made it our mission to satisfy your curiosity about sharks, by bringing you the best facts and stories about the hundreds of fascinating species that swim the world’s oceans.

Shark Experts

The people behind the scenes are crucial to making all of this happen. Most importantly, we thought you might be interested in the very individuals who make it possible to gather these facts. No, not us writers. The researchersthose who devote their time and work to studying and understanding sharks. Without them, there wouldn’t be any information to share! And, conducting research in the underwater world that is the domain of sharks isn’t a particularly easy thing to do. Which makes these folks all the more interesting.

How To Study Sharks

We want to give you a look at the lives and findings of the dedicated people who are unlocking the mysteries of the deep. Through biographies and interviews, we’ll aim to provide some insight into what it’s like to study sharks.

Usually the people who study sharks are trained in marine biology. Marine Biologists are scientists who focus their attention on the creatures that live in oceans. These folks learn about biology (“the study of living things”) at college/university. Their jobs deal with the observation and management of marine organisms, ranging from microscopic plants to the largest whales. However, people with all kinds of different backgrounds contribute to the collective knowledge about sharks, including scuba divers, nature photographers, fishermen, and amateur naturalists. The only absolute requirement is a passion for sharks!

So let’s meet the shark experts, shall we?

The Shark Experts

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, The Pioneer (1910 – 1997) – When I was growing up in the 1970s, the name Cousteau was as much a part of every day pop culture as Muhammad Ali or Wonder Woman. Maybe none of those names are familiar to today’s generation, but to compare, he was the equivalent then of modern conservation icons like Steve Irwin or David Attenborough. Maybe even bigger! He was and remains… READ MORE

Eugenie Clark, The Shark Lady – Dr. Eugenie Clark is a renowned ichthyologist (a.k.a. fish researcher) and one of the world’s premier shark authorities. Explorer, teacher, writer, trail-blazer: this 90-year old woman, known affectionately as “The Shark Lady”, is a shining star in her field and a compelling symbol of… READ MORE


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