Rare Shark Feeding Frenzy In North Carolina!

The below video was captured in North Carolina on the Outer Banks by Donnie Griggs who is an avid fisherman, diver, and surfer. He took this video on October 9 at around noon along the Cape Lookout National Seashore. While shark sightings are relatively rare in North Carolina, that certainly wasn’t the case on this day. Check out this video and look at the feeding frenzy these sharks are involved with. Pretty amazing stuff!

What Is Causing This Behavior?

While not a common siding, sharks commonly feed in groups in order to effectively corral small fish which are known as bait fish. This type of behavior is normally seen hundreds of feet offshore, but these sharks came so close to the shoreline that a few of them nearly beached themselves. Many people wonder, why were these sharks coming so close to the shoreline?

It appears in this feeding frenzy the sharks were chasing Bluefish. For whatever reason, these sharks were thinking of nothing except to getting their meal and in the process were endangering their lives. This is not very usual shark behavior. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine what type of sharks these were. There are many who claim they are Blacktip Sharks or maybe even Sandbar Sharks. It would be much easier to help determine why they are behaving this way if we could more easily pinpoint the species of these sharks. In either case, this behavior is a bit out of character for any shark.

No Cause For Alarm

Even though this behavior is a bit strange, it is not unheard of and in fact this type of behavior is a sign that the ecosystem is extremely healthy. You will also notice all of the birds that are also in the area. Near shorelines, birds will often conjugate in areas where there is a high concentration of fish and other food sources. What likely happened in this situation is there were simply so many fish that the sharks literally were so excited that they were unintentionally putting themselves in such extreme danger by being so close to the shoreline. It looks like a frenzy and that’s probably exactly what it was. They wanted to get their share of the pie while it was still there.

Shark Feeding Frenzy image

Yes, The Shores Of North Carolina Are Safe!

There have been no reported attacks or additional unusual shark behavior in North Carolina and the beaches there are as safe as they have ever been. This video did cause some alarm for people but as stated earlier, this is actually very healthy behavior and as with most cases the sharks do not want anything to do with humans.

What To Do If You See A Shark Frenzy Like This

Obviously, if you are in the water, you’ll want to quickly book home we exit the water immediately. This probably goes without saying, but keep in mind that sharks normally do not attack a human being on purpose. Sharks will normally by a human if they believe that the human is a food source such as an injured animal or large fish. Splashing around in the water and moving and erratic motions can confuse the shark. So it is best to try to stay calm and get to shore in the fastest way possible without causing a big commotion.

If you are on-shore, we highly suggest that you get out a camcorder or your smart phone and begin recording what is happening. We all appreciate when videos like this are shared on YouTube or directly with us on this website because this stuff is simply fascinated. This is an event that the vast majority of the population will never get to see in real life, so it’s good to always to be able to view the video.

One thing is for sure, sharks are some of the coolest creatures in the world!

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