Lions And Tigers And Great White Sharks, Oh My

Time For Great White Sharks To Be Marveled And Appreciated. Most people have heard the catchy little tune, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my”, but most people do not reference the tune with man eating beasts. Rather, society references cuddly, friendly, and make-believe characters with the tune. These animals are all fierce predators that provide vital functions to their respective ecosystems. People tend to become fearful of great white sharks due to their teeth, but it is time to take a step back, and marvel in their beauty.

Sharks are not fuzzy, furry, or cuddly, but they are unique and beautiful in their own way. Sleek, agile, powerful, and demanding respect, great white sharks are in a league entirely on their own. Great white sharks are perhaps the most famous species due to Hollywood. These sharks have dominated the big screen, but rather than focus on positive qualities, Hollywood would rather instill fear into society.

The Most Remarkable Traits Of Great White Sharks

Perhaps one of the most memorable traits of Great White Sharks is their jagged, razor sharp teeth. These sharks have massive mouths, normally measuring between 3 and 4 feet (0.9-1.2 m), which as you can imagine, can hold a large number of teeth. A Great White’s mouth usually contains between 200-300 teeth, depending on the developmental cycle that it is in.

The Great White Shark has a keen sense of smell that allows it to find food easily. Most people have heard the saying, “It is like finding a needle in a hay stack”, and that is exactly what the Great White is capable of. These magnificent creatures are capable of smelling a single drop of water in up to 25 gal (100 L) of water. This amazing capability is one reason that the Great White Shark stays atop the oceanic food chain.

The trait that I find most remarkable is the Great White’s ability to swim at speeds of up to 15 mph (24 kph). These sharks are massive in size, as the largest Great White measured in at 23 feet (7m) long. Imagine attempting to drag a boat, or small car on your back through the water. It is an unimaginable feat, yet these sensational Great White Sharks do it gracefully, and with ease on a daily basis.

Improving Great White Shark Images

If you ask me, or countless other members of society, the image of the Great White Shark is fine. However, many others can not see past the enormous, jagged smile. Rather than being portrayed as a beast, I propose we call the Great White, “Survivor Specialist”. The ocean is the home of the Great White Shark. It did not come to a residence, kick in the door, and make itself at home.

When you really think about it, that is what mankind does. We do not have gills, nor do we have webbed feet, so our place is on land, but our adventurous nature, keeps us exploring. Great Whites are not necessarily territorial, and they do not hunt humans. Most attacks happen by accident, such as mistaking a swimmer for a wounded seal. If a person breaks into another person’s home, that person is considered trespassing, so can not the same be said for a human entering the ocean?

So, the next time you are thinking of judging these glorious creatures, remember their sole purpose is survival. This is ultimately the main goal of humans as well, but we have become so comfortable in society, that our survival instincts are lacking, at best. Great White Sharks deserve to be referred to
with respect and dignity.

The Unknowns Of The Great White Shark

It is in our nature to be curious, and to study the mysteries of the unknown. Much has been learned over the course of time about the Great White Shark, but many mysteries remain unsolved. For instance, much information about the socialization patterns of the Great White is unknown. They tend to be loners for the most part. Swimming alone, feeding alone, but in certain instances, they will swim in small groups.

For the most part, Great White’s avoid conflict, but in some instances it is unavoidable. There have been recorded accounts of cannibalism within the species, but these accounts rare. In certain areas, Great White Sharks show more of a dominating stance. For example, females may dominate males, or larger sharks may dominate smaller ones.

Great White Sharks do not fight one another over food. Little information is known about their competition over food, but tail slapping contests do occur. The two sharks basically slap the water, splash the water at one another, and the one that slaps the most, claims the meal. There is much work to be done, but with technology advancing everyday, many of these unknown factors, could become known in no time.

What Fish Would You Be?

Sharks are classified as fish. They have gills, pectoral fins that are not attached to the head, and a cartilaginous skeleton. Meanwhile, whales and dolphins also live in the water, but they have lungs. The magnitude of different species that live in our oceans is unimaginable, but it is in our nature to continue to explore. Do you remember playing what type of animal, or fish, you would be? Childhood imagination is truly a remarkable thing.

Many children would likely say a dolphin, or maybe even a seal, but as for me, I would always pick the Great White Shark. There has always been an amazing mystery surrounding these fish, and the power that they possess is undeniably remarkable.

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