Lemon Shark Facts
There are many shark species out there in the vast waters of Planet Earth. One of the most interesting shark species that isn’t often talked about is the lemon shark. These sharks get their name due to their distinct pale yellow-brown coloring, and have many names throughout the world (requin citron in France and squall limone in Italy). Besides their skin coloring, these sharks possess many interesting and unique qualities. Let’s explore some of the most intriguing lemon shark facts.

Distinctive Characteristics

The first of our lemon shark facts deals with the characteristics that help distinguish it from the rest of the other shark species. In total, there are three things to look out for when trying to identify a lemon shark. The first distinctive characteristic is that the first and second dorsal fins are triangular and close to the same size. The second characteristic deals with its snout. If the snout is blunt and shorter than the width of the mouth, you may be in contact with a lemon shark! Lastly, the first dorsal fin of the lemon shark originates from behind the pectoral fins. If you notice these three characteristics on a shark you’ve encountered, it is most likely a leon shark!

The Lemon Shark Habitat

The second of our lemon shark facts deals with the species’ habitat. The lemon shark is commonly found in subtropical shallow water. These depths are about 300 feet, or 90 meters. Within these shallow waters, the lemon shark likes to hang around coral reefs, mangroves, enclosed bays, and river mouths. The lemon shark can be seen in oceanic water at times of migration, but will often be found along the continental waters.

Throughout these sandy and shallow waters, lemon sharks like to feast on a variety of bony fish and crustaceans. This includes catfish, mullet, stingrays, crabs, and crayfish. Lemon sharks will eat until they are full, with the digestion process being dependent on the amount of food ingested at a single time.

Size, Age, and Growth

The last of our lemon shark facts deals with the size, age, and growth of the shark species. Lemon sharks are viewed as one of the larger species of sharks; achieving lengths between 95-120 inches! The maximum length achieved by these species is around 125-135 inches long! These sharks usually have a growth rate of .21 inches/year; a pretty respectable rate for a shark species! Baby lemon sharks (pups) will be about 24-26 inches in length.

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