How Much Salt Is In The Ocean?

Have you ever wondered exactly how much salt is in the ocean? Most of us have seen photographs or heard tales about the vastness and seemingly infinite depths that make up our world’s oceans. It can be difficult to imagine just how much salt could exist within these great bodies of water, but this is an important factor to consider when studying the effects on ocean life. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the science behind understanding how much salt can actually be found in the ocean, what causes its salinity levels, and why it’s necessary for preserving marine ecosystems around the world.

Why are the oceans salty?

Why are the oceans salty?

The salinity of the ocean is largely due to the amount of water vapor that evaporates from its surface. Every time a droplet of seawater evaporates, it leaves behind salt particles that are then spread throughout the remaining liquid. This process is continually repeated when seawater evaporates and new salty droplets form. Additionally, rivers also contribute to the saltiness of the ocean by constantly flowing in with new minerals and salts. Over time, the combination of these two factors has caused the salt levels in our oceans to reach their current levels.

The effects of salinity on marine ecosystems

The presence of high salinity levels in the ocean can have both positive and negative effects on marine life. For example, because of its saltiness, the ocean is home to a variety of organisms that are able to survive in such harsh environments. On the other hand, high levels of salinity can also disrupt delicate ecosystems by causing changes in water temperature and PH levels.

How much salt is in the ocean?

How Much Salt Is In The Ocean?

On average, there are approximately 35 grams of dissolved salts for every kilogram of seawater. This means that if you were to take a sample of one liter (1 kg) of seawater from the ocean, it would contain around 35 grams of salt. This is roughly equivalent to six tablespoons of table salt.

The list of salinity of the ocean basins of the world

The ocean is a vast and mysterious place, and understanding its salinity levels is essential for researching its depths. Here we present the list of average salinities observed in each basin of our great oceans – an indispensable resource for any serious marine explorer.

  • Pacific Ocean: 33-37 parts per thousand (ppt)
  • Indian Ocean: 34-38 ppt
  • Atlantic Ocean: 33-37 ppt
  • Arctic Ocean: 30-34 ppt
  • Southern Ocean: 32.5-35.5 ppt


The amount of salt in the oceans of our world can vary greatly based on climate, geography, and evaporation rates. While this might seem like a small factor when considering the vastness of these bodies of water, understanding salinity is essential for preserving marine life and ecosystems around the world. With this knowledge in hand, we can help to ensure that our planet’s oceans remain safe and healthy for generations to come.

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