How Many Teeth Do Sharks Have?

Have you ever been to an aquarium and marveled at the awe-inspiring sight of a shark as it slices through the waters? Known for their razor sharp teeth, these amazing creatures are one of nature’s top predators. But have you ever stopped to wonder just how many teeth they actually have? In this blog post, we’ll let you in on the inside scoop about sharks and what sets them apart from other sea life – starting with their majestic chompers!

How Many Teeth Do Sharks Have?

How many teeth do sharks have?

Most sharks have between 5 and 15 rows of teeth in their mouths. That’s a lot! But the number can vary depending on the species, with some having more than 20 rows. Sharks also have different types of teeth that they use for different purposes. They have pointed “intermediate” teeth used for grasping prey, flat crushing molars to break down food, and sharp cutting blades used to rip apart flesh and bone. All these kinds of shark teeth are arranged in neat little rows like stacked dominoes – so when one falls out, another takes its place!

Why do sharks have so many teeth?

Sharks need so many teeth because they feed on a variety of prey from soft fish to hard-bodied crustaceans. Their teeth can easily slice through even the toughest of prey, giving them a distinct evolutionary advantage over other sea creatures. Sharks lose and replace their teeth throughout their life cycle, so they never run out of sharp chompers.

What are the different types of shark teeth?

As mentioned, sharks have different types of teeth for different purposes:

  • Dense flattened shark teeth are used to crush prey like mollusks and crustaceans.
  • Pointed-lower with triangular shaped upper teeth are used to grab slippery prey like squid and fish.
  • Needle-like teeth are used for slicing through flesh and bone.
  • Non-functional shark teeth are small and found at the back of a shark’s mouth. They serve no real purpose but may be used for display to intimidate other sharks.

Why do sharks lose their teeth?

Sharks wear down their teeth due to the constant grinding of prey in their mouths and may even lose them when they bite into something more solid than usual. Sharks also replace their teeth during growth spurts and as they age, ensuring that they will never be without menacing chompers.

How many teeth do sharks lose in a lifetime?

Most sharks lose and replace thousands of teeth throughout their lifetime. It’s estimated that a great white shark can go through 25,000 to 50,000 teeth in its lifetime! Their constant shedding of teeth is what gives them their iconic and menacing appearance.

Is it hard to find shark teeth?

Is it hard to find shark teeth?

Yes! Shark teeth are some of the most valuable fossils in existence! Despite sharks constantly losing and replacing their precious chompers, finding a fossilized shark tooth is an incredibly rare event – thanks to millions of years worth erosion and sedimentation.

What kind of sharks have the most teeth?

The Bull Shark has the most teeth out of all shark species – up to 50 rows of teeth with 7 teeth in each row! These formidable predators use their numerous razor-sharp fangs to rip apart large prey with ease. The Great White shark follows closely behind with up to 5 rows of 300 teeth. These two species also have some of the sharpest and longest teeth among all sharks, making them perfect for hunting large meals like seals and sea lions.

How many teeth does the Shortfin Mako Shark have?

How many teeth does the Shortfin Mako Shark have?

Shortfin Mako sharks boast an impressive set of 12 rows of razor-sharp teeth, capable cutting through their prey with ease. The tip of its upper jaw usually has 6-8 large, curved cutting blades that aid in slicing through slippery prey. The Shortfin Mako sharks also has around 50 non-functional “display” teeth at the back of its mouth that may be used to intimidate other sharks.

How many teeth does the Nurse Shark have?

How many teeth does the Nurse Shark have?

The Nurse shark has an impressive set of mouth hardware – between 58 and 76 teeth to be exact – all the same size, shape, and purpose. Fixed into its upper jaw are 30-42 while 28-34 protrude from its lower mandible in three neat rows that have been serrated for a better grip on their prey or crushing of shelled food items.

How many teeth does the Hammerhead shark have?

How many teeth does the Hammerhead shark have?

Great Hammerhead sharks boast a remarkable array of teeth – up to 17 rows on each side of the upper jaw, and around 16-17 within the lower. These fearsome predators also pack impressive symmetry in their dentition; with 3 midline teeth above and 1 to 3 below effectively mirroring each other. Like all other sharks, the Hammerhead shark will replace its teeth throughout its lifetime.

How many teeth does the Tiger shark have?

How many teeth does the tiger Shark have?

The Tiger shark is a large species of shark that has an impressive set of dentition. It usually has between 5 and 15 rows of teeth, with an average of around 250 to 350 in total. The Tiger shark’s teeth have sharp points at the tips, in contrast to the hammerhead’s flat sides.


Sharks have a unique set of dentition that sets them apart from other sea creatures. They have up to 20 rows of teeth in their mouths, ranging from dense flattened molars to sharp curved intermediates and knife-like cutting blades. These different kinds of shark teeth allow them to feed on a variety of prey, giving them an evolutionary advantage over other predators in the ocean!

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