Hammerhead Shark Facts
One of the most unique and otherworldly shark species found on this planet has to be the great hammerhead shark. These odd looking fish have been a spectacle to many marine biologists and ocean enthusiasts dating back to the fish’s discovery. Besides its appearance, the hammerhead shark also boasts an unique approach to hunting, diet, and habitat. At SharkSider, our team of experts has compiled a list of hammerhead shark facts that will help you become a species expert amongst your friends.

The Many Variants Of Hammerhead

The first of our hammerhead shark facts deals with the amount of variants found in this species. There are nine variants of hammerhead sharks found throughout the world. The Winghead shark, which is native to the coastal South Asian waters, has a larger cephalafoils than any other hammerhead shark, despite it not being the largest of the species. Other hammerhead shark species include the Bonnethead, the Great Hammerhead, the Scalloped hammerhead, Carolina hammerhead, Scoophead shark, Smalleye hammerhead, Smooth hammerhead, and the Whitefin hammerhead.

The Anatomy Of A Hammerhead

Our list of hammerhead shark facts continues with the fish’s anatomy. On an average basis, the hammerhead shark rangers from 1-6 meters, with the Great Hammerhead being the largest of them all. They can also range from 3 to 550 kilograms in weight. The hammerhead family usually contains a dark brown to grey color on their dorsal fin side, and have a grey/white belly.

Radar Senses

The list of hammerhead shark facts continues with the hammerhead shark’s radar-like abilities! That’s right! Like all sharks, the hammerhead shark has electroreceptory sensory pores called ampullae of Lorenzini. These organs allow the hammerhead shark to sense the electromagnetic pulses of their prey, making them one of the most deadly fish in the ocean. With their unique head shape, the hammerhead is able to survey greater areas of sea floor while looking for prey. If you’re on the menu for hammerhead, best of luck to you!

A Hammerhead Meal

Lastly, the list of our hammerhead shark facts concludes with their diet. Unlike other sharks, which act as scavengers, hammerheads are active hunters. They choose to hunt around dusk when the sunlight works to the advantage of the shark. They will hunt for various invertebrates, including jellyfish, crabs, octopi, as well as other bony fish. However, the delicacy for the hammerhead has to be the stingray.

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