This Guy Swims With “Vicious” Sharks – What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

Many times, when people visit this website and read about how sharks are misunderstood and are not nearly as dangerous as Hollywood would like us to believe, they wonder what our motivations are. Why would we spend time creating a website trying to help sharks when they are “vicious man-eaters”. I mean, can sharks really be that beneficial for the human race?

Why It’s Important To Change Our Perceptions Of Sharks

Not only are sharks crucial to the survival of the human race, but they are perhaps the most important creature in the entire aquatic ecosystem. If the aquatic ecosystem begins having trouble, make no mistake, the entire human race will be in a terrible situation right here on dry land.

Now consider that over 100 million sharks are you legally killed and sold on the black market every year. This is mainly due to the incredibly profitable shark fin soup industry. Did you know the shark fin soup industry is the second most profitable black-market industry only second to the drug trade? It’s true! While sharks typically are responsible for on average 3 to 4 human deaths every year, more sharks have died in just the time it has taken you to read this article so far at the hands of humans. So who is the true predator and killer?

Don’t Try This In Your Backyard Pool!

No, we aren’t telling you to put on your bathing suit and go hop in the ocean to swim with Great White Sharks. However, we do think it is important to put things into perspective and realize that sharks are actually not interested in causing any harm to humans. The majority of attacks are caused by a shark mistaking a human as a food source.

What Sharks Are Really Like

So what happens when a shark does not feel threatened? while many divers can answer this question through personal experience, most of us have never had the experience nor want the experience of swimming with sharks. But here is an example of what can happen when someone goes swimming with sharks. Not quite what you expected, is it?

Is This Behavior Typical Of Sharks?

While this may not be typical behavior for sharks, it is not very uncommon for divers to encounter sharks while they are swimming in the ocean. The vast majority of times sharks will simply keep swimming and will simply ignore scuba divers or any other human which happens to be in the water. Sometimes they are curious and may create a “close encounter”, but it is extremely rare for a sharp to ever attack as is proven by the number of people who are actually killed each year by sharks.

Some Sharks Are More Dangerous Than Others

It is also true that some sharks are more dangerous than others. If a diver encounters a Whale Shark, this is an extraordinary experience because whale sharks are not only massive but they are incredibly domicile. It is considered one of the best experiences by almost any diver and is a welcomed experience. The fortunate few who have had the opportunity to swim with a whale shark are usually eager to sell the story and that is an experience they will never forget.

Why Do Sharks Attack?

On the other hand, it is true that sharks such as the Bull Shark or the Great White Shark are more likely to cause harm. Even in those instances, attacks by sharks are extremely rare especially for divers and those who are able to submerge themselves underwater and swim freely with them. The majority of “shark attacks” by even the most dangerous sharks in the world are normally the result of “test bites” because the shark confusing as a human being with a possible food source. This is widely vast majority of shark attacks are nonfatal because as soon as a shark realizes they have been a human face went away. They are much more scared of us is we are of them.

So who is the real predator here? Have you ever swam with a short before? Ever seen one? Speak your mind in the comment section below!

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