Floral Banded Wobbegong

The floral banded wobbegong is a carpet shark living in the Indian Ocean.

Floral Banded Wobbegong Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Orectolobiformes
Family Orectolobidae
Genus Orectolobus
Scientific Name O. floridus


At maximum, these sharks are 2.4-2.5 feet, making them one of the smallest wobbegong sharks ever. Inside its short mouth are about 18-20 fang-like teeth in the upper jaw.

Dorsally they have a strongly ornamented yellowish-brown coloration. One can observe a series of black spots on the side of the shark’s head.

Where do they live

Map Of The Floral Banded Wobbegong Shark’s Habitat

Floral banded wobbegong Habitat Map

They live in the eastern Indian Ocean around southwestern Australia.

Floral banded wobbegongs are pelagic, swimming at a depth of 138-279 feet in tropical waters.



They suck their prey towards them while remaining hidden at the bottom of the ocean floor, impaling them on their big teeth.


Floral banded wobbegongs are ovoviviparous.

Interactions with humans

The IUCN lists this shark as “Least Concern” or “LC”.

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