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10 Everyday Objects That Are More Dangerous Than Sharks

by Michael Rogers
Child Friendly Shark Facts

Despite sensational news headlines and the dozens of overdramatic horror films, shark attacks are incredibly uncommon and rarely ever fatal. In fact only about 4 people die per year in the entire world from shark attacks. So really, our fears of sharks are wildly overblown. In reality, there are tons of everyday items that are […]

Whale Shark Migration and Travel – How They Do It

by Michael Rogers
Swimming With Whale Sharks

As the largest fish in the sea, the magnificent and gentle whale shark can reach lengths of 41.5 feet or more and weigh up to 20 tons. Whale sharks are the biggest living fish, but their elusive nature makes it almost impossible for scientists to learn more about their migration patterns and reproductive habits. Mysterious […]

Incredible Prehistoric Shark Facts

by Michael Rogers
Awesome Prehistoric Shark Facts

Sharks have been skulking around the world’s oceans for about 420 million years, predating dinosaurs by 189 million years. Sharks first emerged during the “Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event” of the Paleozoic era, according to paleontologists who study the fossilized shark teeth long buried in land that used to be the floors of prehistoric oceans. From […]